Student Loans

Effective Date: 07/01/00

Procedure Statement 3: Disbursements


Promissory notes must be reconciled to FLPR0804 which lists check number and loan amounts. The total of that report must equal the total of the SA311 for that particular loan fund. This report shows what money was electronically transferred. Once this is reconciled, a disbursement adjustment is completed to debit the loan fund account and a receipt adjustment is completed to credit the University Cashier's Office account.

The Student Loans Office:

  1. Receives signed note, rights and responsibilities sheet, and personal information sheet and clears account so that demographic and loan information can move from holding area to the Student Loans System. This allows the Electronic Funds Transfer to take place.

  2. Reviews any cancelled awards.

  3. Pulls folder for previous borrowers. Establishes folders for the first time borrowers. Reviews documents for completeness.

  4. Reconciles the SA311 report, which shows what was trnsferred, with the FLPR0804 which shows borrowers, loan amounts and check numbers. Also ensures that the FLPR0804 amounts agree with the printed promissory notes. Date stamps the promissory note to show the date the transfer took place.