Student Loans

Effective Date: 07/01/00

Procedure Statement 6: Exit Interviews


An exit interview is held for all borrowers before they graduate. This meeting reminds the borrower of their rights and responsibilities for repaying their student loans.

The Student Loans Office:

  1. Sends the borrower an e-mail of dates and times of the exit interviews.

  2. Conducts the exit interview.

  3. Discusses loan repayment rights and responsibilities. The borrower signs and dates one copy of the repayment schedule to hand in and also completes the exit interview information sheet and turns it in before leaving the interview.

  4. Changes the billing addresses if necessary.

  5. Completes the repayment schedule. This includes social security number, name, minimum payment, graduation date, and loan number. This step automatically changes the status from enrolled to grace.

  6. Files the repayment schedule and exit interview forms.

  7. If a borrower does not respond to the exit interview meeting, all information is mailed to the borrower for completion. The borrowers permanent record is tagged until this information is returned.