Student Stores

Effective Date: 07/01/00

Introduction Statement 1: Student Stores

General Information

The Dowdy Student Stores is owned and operated by East Carolina University as an auxiliary enterprise and exists primarily for the purpose of providing service to the University community. This service generally consists of providing students, faculty and staff members with the opportunity to purchase books, school supplies, and all other common tools of the educational process, gift items and miscellaneous personal-use articles.

Because the Dowdy Student Stores is an auxiliary enterprise, it is totally self-sufficient without any funds from the State or the University. All operating expenses including salaries, utilities, equipment costs, repairs, renovation costs, etc. must come from the operation itself.

Any profits derived from the Stores operations are used for the benefit of the University with 100 percent of the distributed profits going into the Resource Scholarship Fund which is awarded by the University Scholarship Committee.

The Student Stores Division functions as part of the University's Division of Administration and Finance, and is administratively one of the responsibilities of the Associate Vice Chancellor for Administration and Finance.


The Dowdy Student Stores' bookstores and offices are located on the ground floor of the Wright Building on main campus and in room 1S-04 of the Brody Medical Sciences Building at The Brody School of Medicine.


Any questions which are not answered by this section of the Business Manual may be referred to Director of Dowdy Student Stores.