Student Stores

Effective Date: 07/01/00

Policy Statement 2: University Sales - Office Supplies

Buying From The Student Stores

Most office supplies required for the functioning of academic and business offices are on State contract and are available from Central Receiving and Stores.

Items not carried in Central Receiving and Stores may be purchased from the Dowdy Student Stores in one of the two following ways:

  1. Supply items purchased under $249 require no order form and may be charged against the standing order number by authorized University personnel using a standing order charge card. Books under $2,500 may be charged against the standing order also.
  2. Supply items and books that cost over the above limit may be purchased with a properly signed and approved purchase order.


Upon completion of selection, the authorized departmental representative takes the merchandise to the cash register to be charged. The representative is required to present a charge card as well as the correct account number to be charged for each purchase. A charge ticket for any order taken out must be signed.


If a department is returning merchandise, the original charge ticket should be brought in with the merchandise to assure proper credit to the correct account. Merchandise should be taken to the cash register.