Systems Coordination

Effective Date: 11/03/00 Updated: 10/24/2007

Introduction Statement 1: Systems Coordination

The Department of Systems Coordination is responsible for organizing, planning, coordinating, directing, and administering a rapidly evolving set of complex technology. Systems Coordination plays a key role in regard to the development, implementation and enhancement of computerized systems. This office coordinates between the user departments and ITCS to ensure that data processing solutions effectively and efficiently meet the needs of departmental users while also having a lead role to implement new technologies.

Systems Coordination staff is available to help faculty and staff members who are first time users and provide training for the University’s financial systems. They also respond to more experienced users who may discover problems or have suggestions for improvements to the systems.

Systems Coordination reports to the Associate Vice Chancellor for Financial Services. The Systems Coordination office is located in Building 165, 209 East 3rd Street.