Effective Date: 07/01/95

Introduction Statement 1: General Information

General Information

This section is provided as a guide to all schools, departments, and agencies of East Carolina University for acquisition, change, or deletion of telecommunications services.

The campus is under the supervision of the Director of Telecommunications Services, who is responsible to the Associate Director of Computing and Information Systems.

Purpose of Organization

The Department of Telecommunications Services provides repair and installation for telephone and electronic equipment for departments and agencies within the University system.


Any University department requiring assistance in the preparation, pricing, and engineering of telecommunications servies prior to submission of written requests should contact the office of Telecommunications Services, located in the Joyner Library. For additional services, please contact the following:

Telephone Repair	0
Electronic Repair (refer to campus directory)
Campus Information 0
Conference Calls 0
Dialing Assistance 0
DAIN Service 9-1-xxx-xxx-xxxx
City Area Information 9-555-1212
Long Distance Information 9-1-Area Code-555-1212