Effective Date: 07/01/95

Policy Statement 1: Telephone Service and Installation


All requests for information, engineering, pricing, and any change in service must be made through the Department of Telecommunications Services. Departments and agencies are not authorized to make direct contact or commitments with the telephone company or other vendors for telephone service unless approval to do so has been authorized by the Department of Telecommunications Services.

Request for Assistance

The Department of Telecommunications Services will discuss with the departments their need for service and will provide information, recommendations, and cost estimates upon request.

Request for Service

University departments requesting new telephone services, changes to present systems, or deletions of service must submit a Telecommunications Services Request to the Department of Telecommunications Services.


General or routine service, not requiring special order equipment, will usually be provided within three weeks after written request is received.

Lead Time

Large installations, new buildings, or major renovations which might require non-stock equipment or extensive engineering require longer advance notice to insure adequate planning time. Contact the Department of Telecommunications Services as early as possible to assure timely installation.

Repair Service

All routine repair service requests should be made to the campus operator by dialing "0" during normal working hours. Emergency repairs after normal working hours should be reported to ECU Police (see campus directory for number). ECU Police will initiate an emergency recall of maintenance personnel if required.

DAIN Service

DAIN Service is the carrier of choice for all continental U.S. long distance telephone service. All long distance calls are routed to DAIN as the primary carrier. All overflow traffic is routed to the local telephone company's direct distance dialing service (DDD) as secondary carrier.

Private Telephones

A private telephone not connected to the University's telephone system can be authorized by the Department of Telecommunications Services for the special needs of individuals upon written request. The individual making the request must assume full financial responsibility for the telephone.

Authorized Equipment

Any telecommunications equipment installed with the intent of connection to the campus telephone system must be authorized by the Director of Telecommunications Services. Equipment installed for the purpose of recording of voice conversations will be limited to equipment expressly designed for voice messaging and message retrieval. Public Safety Answering Points (PSAP) are authorized to record voice conversation as long as such recordings are conducted in accordance with established FCC regulations.