Effective Date: 07/01/95

Policy Statement 4: Telephone Directories

Campus Directory

The campus directory, consisting of listings for departments and organizations, faculty, staff, and students, is jointly compiled by Business Affairs, Registrar's Office, Computing & Information Systems, and Carolina Telephone & Telegraph Company. It is printed in early fall by Carolina Telephone and jointly distributed by Business Affairs and Student Life.

Supplemental Directory

Occasionally, a supplemental department and organization directory is published by Business Affairs if there has been a significant change in listings or numbers.

City Directory

The city directory is compiled and published by Carolina Telephone & Telegraph Company in August. Since there is a monthly charge for listings, all University numbers are not listed.

Campus Directory Listings

Request forms for additions, deletions, or changes in the campus directory are sent to the appropriate offices and departments to coincide with publication. It is the responsibility of the department or individual to complete and return the form with correct information.

City Directory Listings

The deadline for submitting changes in listings is given to the Associate Vice Chancellor for Business Affairs by Carolina Telephone & Telegraph. He then circulates to the University departments a request for their changes.