Materials Management

Effective Date: 04/04/2007

Policy Statement 1: Purchase Authorization

Departmental Funds


The University operates on the principle of budgetary allotments to the various agencies, schools and departments. The administrative head of each department is responsible for expenditures from their allotment.


The authority to make purchases from the allotted departmental budgets for services or materials is furnished to the Department of Materials Management by the departmental or school administrator as budgetary head on a purchase requisition. This may be accomplished electronically via the purchase order system (PORT). The approval levels are designed by the Vice Chancellor of each Division.

Grants and Contracts

Contract Authorization

Spending of budgeted funds from Grants or Contracts must be authorized by the Principal Investigator or Project Director and preferably the administrative head of the investigator's school or department. In addition, the approval of the Grants Administration Office may be required before purchase requisitions can be processed by the Department of Materials Management. It is the responsibility of the Principal Investigator or Project Director to obtain necessary authorization for expending such funds prior to submittal to the Department of Materials Management.


See section on Grants Administration for further information on Grant expenditures and Principal Investigators.

See section on Accounting for further information regarding the use of various types of funding, including Special and Institutional Trust Funds, and use of Discretionary Funds.