Materials Management

Effective Date: 08/15/2006

Policy Statement 13: Student Store Purchases

Sundry Purchases

All university business related purchases at the ECU Student Stores and Brody School of Medicine Bookstore may be made with a Standing Order Charge Card or University Pro Card. Upon checkout, please identify to the cashier that you are making an ECU department purchase for tax exempt purposes. All NC State Contracts remain in effect. The following restrictions apply to your ProCard use at any of the Student Stores:

• No wearing apparel
• No gift items (including, but not limited to hats, mugs, souvenirs, jewelry)
• No computer systems, laptops, notebooks or tablets
• No purchase of items available on State Contract
• No purchase of items for personal use


Office Supplies (computer, laptops/notebooks are not approved)

Generally, office supplies, paper and calculators may not be purchased from the Student Stores. They are available through Central Stores and Receiving or established State Contracts.