Materials Management

Effective Date: 08/15/06

Policy Statement 15: Purchase Requisition

The Purchase Requisition is used by all departments and agencies of the University to request materials or services from commercial establishments, as described throughout this manual.

The Purchase Requisition is also used to request payment for services or materials from companies or individuals which may have furnished services and materials on a confirming basis. Although services of a contractual nature and the acquisition of materials are not normally handled on a confirming basis, there are certain requests that are best handled in this manner, as described throughout this manual.

Using the Purchase Requisition

1. All requisitions are submitted via the automated Purchase Order Requisition Tracking System (PORT).The requisition should be complete including department name, delivery information, vendor number, appropriate account number, and detailed description and price.

2. Requisitions should be submitted via appropriate approval levels. The Vice Chancellor for each division determines the approval levels for their respective division. Questions on this should be directed to your appropriate Business Office.

Training on PORT is available through Materials Management. Please see our web site for details.

Check Attached

Other requirements, that do not qualify for use of the Banner Direct Payment Form or not accepted on ECU ProCard and where the cost of the item is stated and advantages of prepayment are indicated, should be submitted as Check Attached Requisitions through the PORT System.

Direct Pay

Purchase requisitions requesting direct payment are to be forwarded to the Department of Materials Management upon receiving the appropriate division approvals.