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Effective Date: 03/01/2000

Policy Statement 27: Purchase of Airline Tickets

University Policy

An Airline Ticket Authorization form must be completed and submitted with the appropriate signatures for any airline ticket purchased.


Standing orders have been set up for the travel agencies in the Greenville area. The Completed Airline ticket Authorization (ATA) form must be submitted to the vendor and the standing order number referenced whenever a ticket is picked up or delivered. The travel agency will then submit an invoice for the ticket and mail the invoice with the completed ATA form directly to Accounts Payable for payment. Accounts Payable will not pay for a ticket more than thirty (30 days) prior to the date of travel. All airline tickets purchased with University funds shall have frequent flyer miles credited to the University.

Air travel requiring use of a travel agency outside the Greenville area requires that a Petition to Travel form be submitted. If the travel agency will release the tickets and bill against a purchase order number, submit a purchase requisition and attach the Petition to Travel form as backup. If the agency requires prepayment before they will release the tickets, submit a purchase requisition with a Proforma Invoice from the vendor and the Petition to Travel form as backup.