Materials Management

Effective Date: 03/01/2000
Reviewed and Revised: 12/07/04

Policy Statement 32: Purchase of Books

Departmental Use

Books purchased with departmental funds are the property of the University and, thus, should be retained in departmental libraries. Personal desk copies shall not be purchased with University funds. Departmental book purchases should be made with standing order charge card for purchases up to $2,500. Orders over $2,500 should be submitted via requisition to Materials Management.

Desk Copies

Providing desk copies of textbooks is a service extended by most publishers to instructors and it is therefore recommended by the publishers and the Student Store that instructors write directly to the publishers for desk copies.

To obtain desk copies from the publishers before classes begin, it is suggested that the instructor cotact the publishers at the time the textbook requisitions are turned in to the unit office.

If the instructor does not receive a desk copy from the publisher in time, the Student Store will supply one on a temporary basis.