Materials Management

Effective Date: 03/01/2000

Policy Statement 33: Purchase of Subscriptions (Revised 06/21/05)

Mailing Address

All subscription purchases from University funds should be mailed to a University business address and should be relevant to University business or programs. Subscriptions with an invoice or complete order form should be processed via an ECU ProCard. Exceptions to this policy are 1) Foundation funds are being used, 2) the vendor does not accept VISA, and 3) the cost exceeds the cardholder’s single transaction limit. The Limited Check Request Form will be accepted by Financial Services if one of these exceptions applies.

Subscriptions must be purchased on an annual basis. You cannot prepay and process an annual subscription twice in the same fiscal year.


In order that subscriptions to magazines or periodicals can be handled with a minimum of delay, it is necessary that the proper information be furnished to the publisher or subscription agency. The following information should be provided:

  1. Name of publication.
  2. Name and address of publisher.
  3. Name and address of subscription agency, if publication is to be ordered from company other than publisher.
  4. Whether the request is a renewal or a new subscription. In either case, attach the renewal notice/invoice or brochure from the publisher showing the price and terms of sale.
  5. Length of time the subscription is to run, giving the starting date and the ending date.
  6. Exact mailing address to which the publication is to be sent, i.e.,: