Materials Management

Effective Date: 03/01/2000

Policy Statement 51: Delivery Within Fiscal Year


State policy requires delivery to be made before payment can be made for goods or services. Additionally, purchasing policy cannot be circumvented to expend monies before the end of the fiscal year.


In order to obtain delivery before the end of the fiscal year, the following procedure should be followed:

Delivery for Next Fiscal Year

Departments anticipating the need for supplies or equipment to be delivered after July 1 and charged against the next year's budgeted funds may process purchase requisitions prior to June 30 provided they are denoted "Future Year." The purchase request will be encumbered against next year's funds immediately after July 1, provided delivery is not received prior to July 1. The Future Year Flag is usually available for use about May 15 of each year. The Future Year Flag should be used only for purchases to be received and paid after July 1. It cannot be used as a credit card. If you have special needs, contact Materials Management.