Materials Management

Effective Date: 03/01/2000

Policy Statement 52: Receiving Purchased Items

Receiving Options

Purchased items may be received through the Central Receiving Service or directly by the requesting department, depending on the type of purchase and method of shipment.

Central Receiving

Central Receiving Service, located at the Central Warehouse, East Campus, and the Brody building, West campus, receives most materials shipped to the University. Packages are checked in on a receiving report and then placed on University delivery vehicles and redelivered to the delivery point designated on the requesting department's purchase order. Every effort is made at the Central Receiving Service to deliver all materials within 24 hours of arrival at the Central Receiving facility.

Verify Contents

Only shipping cartons, packages, etc., are checked by Central Receiving personnel. When Central Receiving redelivers the goods, the requesting department signs only for the number of packages, rather than delay the delivery person for an item-by-item check. The requesting department should check the shipment for specific content as soon as possible, not later than five days after receipt. The department should then complete the Receiving Report and forward to Accounts Payable so the invoice can be paid.


If damage is discovered, all packing material and the shipping cartons should be retained until an inspection report is received from the shipper and instructions are obtained as to the disposition of the damaged material and the shipping carton and packing. The Department of Materials Management will handle correspondence with the carrier and/or vendor concerning credit for, or replacement of, the damaged merchandise.

There are some materials, such as subscriptions to magazines, live biological materials, exceptionally delicate equipment and equipment delivered directly by vendors (rather than by commercial carrier) which are not received through Central Receiving. Materials sent by the vendor directly to the requesting department should be opened and inspected as soon as possible for compliance with order as it appears on the Receiving Report, as well as for concealed damage. Any discrepancies in the shipment or damages should be reported to the Department of Materials Management immediately.