Materials Management

Effective Date: 03/01/2000

Policy Statement 53: Central Receiving Services

Central Receiving Service

Since most buildings on the campus are not accessible by common carrier vehicles, the University maintains a Central Receiving Facility for the East campus and West campus. When a purchase order is issued to a vendor by the Department of Materials Management, shipping instructions are given on the order. Common carriers generally deliver the materials to the Central Receiving Service located at the University Warehouse on East campus or the Central Receiving Service located at the Brody building, West campus.

Incoming Shipments

Receiving personnel accept the shipments, inspect for visible damage, note number of shipping cartons received, delivery point, purchase order number, etc., and prepare for delivery to departments.

Campus Delivery

Delivery from Central Receiving areas to the requesting department is by University vehicles and employees. Deliveries are made to designated department receiving areas for acceptance by departmental personnel. It should not be necessary to delay delivery personnel by inspecting contents of shipments at time of delivery; only verify the number of shipping cartons. Should discrepancies or damage to contents be evident upon later inspection, report same to the Department of Materials Management.

Direct Delivery

A department may elect to have certain materials delivered directly to the department because of the nature of the materials or because of the quantity of the materials involved. In these cases, the common carrier is responsible for the materials until they are delivered to the requesting department's receiving area. The receiving individual will be required in these cases to sign the common carrier's bill of lading. It should be noted that all shipments of this type should be prepaid freight; and, accordingly, collect freight should not be accepted. This is usually denoted on the receiving document. Further, materials should be inspected for visible freight damage prior to signing the bill of lading. If there is damage, do not sign for the shipment and notify the Department of Materials Management immediately.


East campus Central Receiving and West campus Medical Receiving also serve as the shipping agency for the University. A department desiring to make shipments by common carrier, United Parcel Service, or Air Freight should make its request on the appropriate form and include department name, account number, and any authorized signatures required. The form should also include complete shipping address, number of packages, and if insurance is desired. The form and package should then be forwarded to the appropriate Central Receiving area. If necessary, Receiving Service will pick up large parcels or freight.