Materials Management

Effective Date: 03/01/2000

Policy Statement 54: Expediting and Follow-up Transactions


When a purchase order is placed with a vendor, the vendor is asked to acknowledge receipt of the order and indicate an expected shipping schedule. Materials Management will notify a department of any order that is backordered for a long period of time or if delivery is not expected.

No Acknowledgment/No Shipment

If after a reasonable amount of time an order has not been received, the Department may call the vendor directly to check on the status of delivery. Materials Management should be notified of any order or item canceled due to non-delivery.

Materials Management will send urgent notices to departments that have orders outstanding for long periods of time. This notice is to inquire about receipt of order. The notices should be completed and returned to Materials Management. Depending on department response, Materials Management will take action with vendor to close out the order.

If the vendor does not acknowledge receipt of the purchase order or does not ship according to the estimated schedule and non-delivery has been confirmed with the department, an inquiry/purchase expediter is forwarded to the vendor by the Department of Materials Management.

Shipping Date

If the purchase order was written in response to a bid or quotation, the copy of the purchase order which is returned to the requesting department will show the promised shipping date.