Materials Management

Effective Date: 03/01/2000

Policy Statement 60: Internal Billing

Inter-departmental Transfer Authorization

  1. This form is to be originated by the department requesting the work and/or supplies and is to be completed by both the receiving department and the supplying department as indicated on the form. The inter-departmental transfer authorization may be used for any type of inter-departmental services and resulting charges, i.e., copier charges, chemical charges, glassblowing charges, departmental vehicle charges, rental charges, etc.

  2. The original copy of the inter-departmental transfer authorization is to be forwarded to Accounts Payable when work or services are completed. The second copy is retained by the supplying department and the third copy is retained by the receiving department.

  3. Services, supplies, and materials should be released only with this form properly completed and no verbal or telephone request should be honored.

  4. These Inter-departmental transfer authorization forms are to be accumulated and forwarded on a weekly basis to the proper offices as indicated.