Materials Management

Effective Date: 03/01/2000. Updated 11/21/05.

Policy Statement 67: University Surplus Property

Surplus Property

The Fixed Assets Section of Materials Management Department is responsible for disposition or transfer of all surplus and excess property. Departments which have surplus or excess property should contact the Fixed Assets Office for instructions on disposition.

Credit cannot normally be given to departments resulting from the sale of surplus property.

Trade-in of Surplus Property

Some used equipment has value when used as a trade on the purchase of new equipment of the same type. Examples are office machines and scientific equipment. When used equipment is to be traded in on new equipment, this notation should be made on the purchase requisitions for the new equipment. The used equipment should be identified by model number, serial number, description, and University Fixed Assets tag number. In soliciting bids, the used equipment will be offered as a trade-in allowance. In addition, the trade must be approved by the State Surplus Property Agency. The Fixed Assets Manager, Materials Management Department, will write the justification of approval to trade.

Obtaining Surplus Property

University departments are offered the use of equipment which has been turned into the Surplus Property Warehouse. There is no charge made for this equipment. Department’s should contact the University Surplus Property Department and arrange a time to inspect surplus items for possible use by a department.

Departments interested in surplus property items should visit the warehouse and inspect the material to ensure suitability. Since the material is on a “first- come first –serve basis”, the item selected will be tagged for the department and held for 10 business days. The department is responsible for submitting a moving services request for the item(s) to be delivered to their department. The department is responsible for contacting the Surplus Property Office to extend the 10 day deadline.

Disposal of Surplus Property

All disposal of University-owned surplus or excess equipment is handled by the Fixed Assets Section of the Materials Management Department. In general, such items are put up for sale to the public on a sealed bid basis, through the State Surplus Property Agency. When equipment has become obsolete or has no further value to a department, a memo or completed Removal form must be sent to Moving Services, Department of Facilities Services, requesting removal of item(s) to the University Surplus Warehouse.