Materials Management

Effective Date: 03/01/2000

Policy Statement 70: Motor Vehicle Service and Repair


The University operates an auto and truck garage, located adjacent to C.M. Eppes. Departments needing service for Motor Fleet or University-owned cars are to use the University Garage when in the Greenville area. Services provided by the Garage include:

Frequency of Service

University-owned vehicles are to be serviced (lubrication and oil change) in accordance with manufacturer's recommendations for service. It is the department's responsibility to request service at appropriate intervals from the University Garage for these vehicles. For vehicles owned by Motor Fleet Management, service intervals are determined and strictly-regulated by MFM. The department to which the vehicle is assigned is responsible for having the vehicle serviced as required by the preventive maintenance program.

Services Not Provided

The Garage does not make major repairs, such as the overhaul of engine, transmission, or differential. The Garage also cannot service vehicles or trucks larger than small vans and pickups. The Garage should be contacted for assistance in obtaining these services from outside sources. Estimates obtained by the department may be required.

Service Away From Greenville

If necessary to secure vehicle services during travel, use a University commercial credit card or State Motor Fleet Management Division credit card (consult handbook) at commercial garages. Repair services, if possible, should be obtained from a State Agency garage rather than commercial garage.

Emergency Repairs

Emergency repairs are allowable provided necessary receipts are obtained and cost does not exceed $100. Emergency repairs in excess of this amount must have prior approval of the University Property Management Office.