Mission Statement for the Consortium for Applied Computational Studies

The Consortium for Applied Computational Studies at East Carolina University promotes the application of computational methods to describe and understand phenomena in the life sciences, geosciences, engineering and other disciplines. Computational methods provide the researcher and educator with a set of powerful tools to explore the vast unknowns and to expose the young minds to the wonders of science, mathematics and engineering. The consortium is a key resource for faculty and students as they learn to apply computational techniques to their research and educational endeavors.

The consortium consists of researhers and educators who are experienced in computational methodology and its application. The CACS provides online tutorials and workshops to assist faculty and students in understanding computational techniques and how to use existing computational software on the ECU HPC computer facilities. In addition, the state-of-the-art computer training facility located in the Department of Chemistry (consisting of 14 Quad 4 Core i7 Linux workstations and 10 Personal Computers) is used to provide workshops on protein structure modeling, computational chemistry, bioinformatics, symbolic mathematics, data visualization, etc.