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Program Overview

The chemistry and physics living learning community (CAPs LLC) aims to improve retention and success rates among intended and declared majors in both disciplines. The interdisciplinary nature of the CAPs LLC is designed to encourage cross disciplinary learning between physicists and chemists by providing a strong community of support within the structure of a much larger University.

All residents of the CAPs LLC will live together in the same residence hall allowing them to interact closely with other students who share similar goals and interests. Residents will also have the chance to participate in many engaging activities, interact with faculty in informal settings outside the classroom. All activities are designed to further stimulate learning and to build a close knit community.

Scholarships are available for incoming freshmen.  For additional details contact Prof. Anthony Kennedy (, 252-328-9816).

Program Goals

The LLC strives to provide students with opportunities to interact with faculty and majors in their disciplines in inviting formal and informal environments. The LLC also aims to provide students with additional support to allow for an easier transition from high school into a large university.

All LLC participants will:

·be enrolled into the same section of core classes.

·enroll in a freshman seminar (COAD 1000).

·obtain individualized attention from a faculty mentor.


A complete application package includes;

1. A general application by the student (completed by clicking the application link to the left)

2. A completed teacher recommendation/questionnaire which may be downloaded by clicking the link to the left. This document must be completed by a science or math teacher and the completed application must be emailed by the teacher to

3. An interview which will be scheduled once steps 1 and 2 are complete.

If you are having difficulties with the links you may contact Dr. Anthony Kennedy at Review of applications will begin November 1st and continue until all spaces are allocated. The committee will meet at the end of each calendar month to review applications. Suitable candidates will be interviewed by the CAPs LLC committee. We anticipate enrolling 16 intended chemistry and physics majors for Fall 2015. Any students requiring additional information may contact the appropriate faculty member using the appropriate link.


Dr. Anthony Kennedy,, Ph: 252-328-9816

Dr. Allison Danell,, Ph: 252-328-9766

Dr. Anne Spuches,, Ph: 252-328-9796


Dr. Regina DeWitt,, Ph: 252-328-4980

Dr. John Kenney,, Ph: 252-328-2028

Program Requirements

Chemistry and physics majors enrolled in the CAPs LLC will reside in Gateway Hall. Students will be required to maintain a GPA of at least 3.0 to remain enrolled in the LLC. If a students' GPA falls below 3.0 they will be placed on probation and given support and one semester to raise their cumulative GPA back above the threshold. LLC residents will be expected to be active participants in the CAPs LLC activities.

If space is limited any resident of the LLC may be assigned a random roommate by campus living. All LLC residents must sign a separate housing contract with campus living.