Chancellor's Office


East Carolina University is a special place. The transformation of eastern North Carolina depends in large part on excellence in health services, more small businesses, and a better-educated work force that is prepared for tomorrow's jobs. Work force needs certainly include more teachers, dentists, doctors, nurses, qualified engineers, health professionals, and a broad range of individuals equipped with business and technical skills. East Carolina University has built our entire mission around these service-oriented functions for the East – it is both our mission and our soul.

We are providing great leadership across the nation, state, and region. Public universities have a special responsibility to prepare tomorrow’s leaders and to show others how to lead. As I like to say, ECU is about doing the right thing, not just doing things right. We have an obligation for leadership, public service and preparing our students for tomorrow.

In the Chancellor’s Office, we believe in quality, partnerships, transparency, and engagement. Our role is to help provide the vision, leadership, and support to maximize the opportunities before us. In his last speech, Robert Wright, the first president of East Carolina, observed that “it is in working together that we must go forward.” As Chancellor, I echo the sentiments of my predecessor. It requires a continuous effort by the entire ECU community to build a first-class educational institution.

There is great excitement about East Carolina University's future. I hope you will join me in accomplishing our goals and meeting our responsibilities together. Tomorrow starts here.

Steve Ballard