Child Development & Family Relations
       Master of Science in Marriage and Family Therapy
The program prepares students as marriage and family therapists who are well grounded in systems theory and its application to clinical practice. The MFT program applies a diverse range of clinical and theoretical orientations that faculty members bring to the program. Particular attention is given to collaborative work with larger systems. Each student is encouraged to develop a personalized therapeutic orientation and style that integrate theory and technique. Faculty, students, and local mental health professionals work collaboratively with individuals and families on treatment teams in the ECU Family Therapy Clinic to develop and apply creative therapeutic strategies. Clinical faculty members provide weekly individual and group supervision of therapy conducted by students.
East Carolina University Marriage and Family Therapy graduates possess the following skills:
  • Ability to complete a biopsychosocial-spiritual intake
  • Proficient diagnostic skills
  • Culturally sensitive treatment and interventions for clients
  • Critical evaluation of scholarly articles
What does the East Carolina University Marriage and Family Therapy program offer its students?
  • A variety of internship opportunities in the field include medical, agency, school, private practice, and military settings.
  • State-of-the-art audio/visual technology for observing and recording and live therapy and supervision
  • Faculty with diverse interests who have gained numerous awards and honors
  • A learning environment that fosters diversity and tolerance
  • Rigorous and frequent supervision from AAMFT Approved Supervisors
  • Year 1
  • Summer
  • Year 2
CDFR 6407 - Family Systems Theory (3)
CDFR 6409 – Family Therapy Seminar I (3)
CDFR 6408 - Family Therapy Theories (3)
CDFR 6410 – Family Therapy Seminar II (3)
CDFR 6411 - Family Therapy Issues (3)
CDFR 6425 - Assessment and Treatment Planning in Family Therapy (3)
CDFR 7400 – Research Methods (3)
CDFR 7007 – Statistics in Child and Family Studies (3)
Summer 1
Summer 2
CDFR 6415 – Family Therapy Practicum (3)
CDFR 6415 – Family Therapy Practicum (3)
Thesis or Advisor - Approved Elective (3)*
Thesis or Advisor - Approved Elective (3)*
CDFR 6300 – Critical Issues in Sexuality,
Gender Roles, & Families (3)
CDFR 6303 – Critical Issues in Family
and Cultural Diversity (3)
CDFR 6412 – Family Therapy Seminar III (3)
CDFR 6417 – Family Therapy Practicum (3)
CDFR 6416 – Family Therapy Practicum (3)
Developmental Class - 6401 or 6402
or 6404 or 6406 (3)

Developmental Class - 6401 or 6402
or 6404 or 6406 (3) OR Elective or Thesis

Elective or Thesis
Elective or Thesis
* The course listings are tentative, especially for elective classes
Student Admissions Criteria

This program is taught in a traditional face-to-face classroom environment.
Click here to apply to East Carolina University. Admission to East Carolina University does not guarantee admissions into your desired program of study.
Admission Requirements:
Applications must be submitted on or before February 1st. The Graduate School has minimum requirements for all applicants to graduate programs. In order to meet the Graduate School’s criteria, you must have at least a 2.75 GPA and be in the 30th percentile on the GRE. Many of our successful applicants have a minimum 3.0 GPA and 1000 on the GRE.

The following must be submitted as part of the MFT MS application package:

1) Completed application form, application fee ($US60),
2) Official transcripts for all colleges/universities attended,
3) Three (3) letters of recommendation (preferably from faculty or supervisors),
4) Statement of Purpose including:
  • Your purpose for seeking a degree in marriage and family therapy
  • Your understanding of marriage and family therapy as a profession
  • Experiences (personal or professional) that have prepared you for this degree and profession
  • Characteristics that you possess that will allow you to become a competent therapist
  • Any information that will help the faculty in determining your fit for the MFT program

5) GRE scores (ECU’s GRE code is 5180) or MAT scores
An interview with MFT faculty is required.

**All documents should be sent to the Graduate School at 131 Ragsdale, Greenville, NC, 27858-4353

Candidates who have been considered for a personal interview with the Marriage and Family Therapy program faculty may be asked to provide a video/DVD response to questions posed by the MFT faculty (in advance of personal interviews). Requests for video responses will be sent to candidates by e-mail and will include the format, questions, and deadline for receiving the material.
Post baccalaureate classes or degrees are not required. However, it is recommended that you have experience working with people upon which you can draw experience. It is also helpful in the interview to understand the differences in ideology between Marriage and Family Therapy and other social sciences.
Other Requirements:
The MFT program includes 51 semester hours and requires full-time study over two years. Students are discouraged from maintaining a full-time job while in the program, due to the rigors associated with the curriculum. Included in this program is a year-long supervised clinical experience producing 500 contact hours with individuals, couples, and families (8-10 hours per week).
The clinical experience requires 9 semester hours and is completed with an on-campus placement at the ECU Family Therapy Clinic and an off-campus placement at a community agency, school setting, military base, or medical setting. During their clinical experience, students have access to supervision from clinical faculty members who are AAMFT Approved Supervisors and off-campus site supervisors. While taking the practicum, students must agree to operate as family therapists, which includes working with clients during university breaks, in the evenings, and as emergencies might dictate. The clinic is open year-round to accommodate individuals, couples, and families. Students must adjust their schedules accordingly.

*The MS degree in Marriage and Family Therapy can be obtained without a thesis although students intending to obtain their PhD are encouraged to pursue a thesis. Students who want to complete a thesis must take CDFR 7000 (thesis).
Standards, Accreditations and Certifications
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