Criminal Justice
       John J. Kerbs, Ph.D.

John J. Kerbs, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
Department of Criminal Justice
College of Human Ecology
East Carolina University
330 Rivers West
Greenville, NC 27858-4353

Additional Information

Dr. John J. Kerbs is an Associate Professor in the Department of Criminal Justice within the College of Human Ecology at East Carolina University. He earned a Joint Ph.D. (Social Work and Sociology) and M.A. from the University of Michigan, M.S.W. from University of California, Berkeley, and B.S. from Emory University. His research largely focuses on the safety and victimization of community-based, school-based, and prison-based populations. He is an award-winning instructor who received, among others, the UNC Board of Governors Distinguished Professor for Teaching Award, 2010-2011.

Select Journal Articles:

Jolley, J. M., & Kerbs, J. J. (2010).  Risk, need, and responsivity: Unrealized potential for the international delivery of substance abuse treatment in prison.  International Criminal Justice Review, 20(3), 280-301.

Kerbs, J. J., Jones, M., & Jolley, J. M. (November 2009).  Discretionary decision-making by probation and parole officers: The role of extra-legal variables as predictors of responses to technical violations.  Journal of Contemporary Criminal Justice, 25(4), 424-441.

Kerbs, J. J., & Jolley, J. M. (2009).  A commentary on age segregation for older prisoners: Philosophical and pragmatic considerations for correctional systems.  Criminal Justice Review, 34(1), 119-139.

Kerbs, J. J., & Jolley, J. M. (2007).  The joy of violence: What about violence is fun in middle school?  American Journal of Criminal Justice, 31(2), 12-29.

Jones, M., & Kerbs, J. J. (2007). Probation and parole officers and discretionary decision-making: Responses to technical and criminal violations.   Perspectives - - The  Journal of the America Probation and Parole Association, 31(1), 35-42.

Jones, M., & Kerbs, J. J. (2007, Reprint). Probation and parole officers and discretionary decision-making: Responses to technical and criminal violations. Federal Probation, 71(1), 9-15.

Kerbs, J. J., & Jolley, J. (2007). Inmate-on-inmate victimization among older male prisoners.  Crime & Delinquency, 53(2), 187-218.

Dao, T. K., Kerbs, J. J., Rollin, S. A., Potts, I., Gutierrez, R., Choi, K., Creason, A. H., Wolf, A., & Prevatt, F. (2006). The association between bullying dynamics and psychological distress.  Journal of Adolescent Health, 39(2), 277-282.

Kerbs, J. J., Choi, K., Rollin, S., Gutierrez, R., Potts, I., Harpring, J., Creason, A., & Dao, T. (2005). Scales for perceived risk of student-on-student victimization in grades 7 through 10: A psychometric analysis of the Adolescent Index for School Safety.  American Journal of Criminal Justice, 30(1), 121-141.

Kerbs, J. J. (1999). (Un)equal justice: Juvenile court abolition and African-Americans.  The Annals of the American Academy of Political and Social Science, 564 (July), 109-125.    

Courses Taught- (Partial List):

JUST 1000- The Criminal Justice System
JUST 3008- Correctional Systems
JUST 3900 - Introductory Statistics for Criminal Justice
JUST 4006- Community Corrections
JUST 4200- Juvenile Justice
JUST 6000- Principles of Criminal Justice
JUST 6001- Seminar in Research Methods and Statistical Interpretation
JUST 6006- Seminar in Corrections
JUST 6601- Seminar in Victimology
JUST 6700- Diversity Issues in Criminal Justice

Selected Research and Teaching Awards:

2011-2012 College of Human Ecology Excellence in Teaching Award
2010-2011 University of North Carolina Board of Governors Distinguished Professor for Teaching Award
2009-2010 Outstanding Teaching Award, Department of Criminal Justice
2009 Faculty Senate Research and Creative Activity Award
2007-2008, 2009-2010 Outstanding Scholarship Award, Department of Criminal Justice

Research Interests:

Community Corrections, Institutional Corrections, Juvenile Justice, Maltreatment in Child Welfare Systems, School/Prison Safety, Substance Abuse Treatment in Federal/State Prisons, and Victimology.

Teaching Interests:

Community Corrections, Gerontological Criminology, Institutional Corrections, Juvenile Justice, Special Populations in Corrections, Research Methods and Statistical Interpretation, and Victimology.

Curriculum Vitae:

John J. Kerbs

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College of Human Ecology
Rivers Building | Greenville, NC 27858-4353 USA
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