Criminal Justice
       Jonathan Sorensen, Ph.D.

Jonathan Sorensen, Ph.D.
Department of Criminal Justice
College of Human Ecology
East Carolina University
Rivers 238
Greenville, North Carolina 27858-4353

Dr. Jon Sorensen is a Professor in the Department of Criminal Justice, College of Human Ecology, at East Carolina University.  His previous academic appointments were at Prairie A&M University and Vera Institute of Justice, among others. Professor Sorensen holds Ph.D., M.A., and B.A. degrees in Criminal Justice and has published numerous books, chapters, and articles in the areas of capital punishment, criminal justice education, and corrections. His research and teaching interests focus on corrections, juvenile delinquency, research methods, and criminal justice policy.

Select Publications:
  • Books:
    Sorensen, J. & Pilgrim, R. (2006) Lethal Injection: Capital Punishment in Texas During the Modern Era. Austin: University of Texas.

  • Book Chapters:
    Sorensen, J. (2009). Researching future dangerousness. In J.R. Acker, C. Lanier, W.J. Bowers (eds.) The Next Generation of Death Penalty Research: Priorities, Strategies, and an Agenda. Durham, NC: Carolina Academic Press.

  • Articles:
    Reidy, T.; Sorensen, J.; & Cunningham, M. (2011, December 19). Community violence to prison assault: A test of the behavioral continuity hypothesis. Law and Human Behavior. doi: 10.1037/h0093934

    Cunningham, M.; Sorensen, J.; Vigen, M.; & Woods, S. (2011). Life and death in the lone star state: Three decades of violence predictions by capital juries. Behavioral Sciences and the Law 29: 1-22.

    Sorensen, J. & Davis, J. (2011). Violent criminals locked up: Examining the effect of incarceration on behavioral continuity. Journal of Criminal Justice 39: 151-158.

    Davis, J. & Sorensen, J. (2010, March 4). Disproportionate minority confinement of juveniles: A national examination of Black-White disparity in placements, 1997-2006. Crime & Delinquency. doi: 10.1177/0011128709359653.

    Cunningham, M.; Sorensen, J.; Vigen, M.; & Woods, S. (2010). Inmate homicides in Texas prisons: Killers, victims, motives, and circumstances. Journal of Criminal Justice 38: 348-358.

    Sorensen, J. & Cunningham, M. (2010). Conviction offense and prison violence: A comparative study of murderers and other offenders. Crime & Delinquency 56: 103-125.

    Emeka, T. & Sorensen, J. (2009). Female juvenile risk: Is there a need for gendered assessment instruments? Youth Violence and Juvenile Justice 7: 313-330.

    Sorensen, J. An assessment of the relative impact of criminal justice and criminology journals. (2009). Journal of Criminal Justice 37: 505-511.

    Cunningham, M; Sorensen, J.; & Reidy, T. (2009). Capital jury decision-making: The limitations of predictions of future violence. Psychology, Public Policy, and Law 15: 223-256.    

Courses Taught- (Partial List):

JUST 3008 – Correctional Systems
JUST 3700 – Race, Gender, and Special Populations in the Criminal Justice System
Research Methods
Philosophy of Punishment
Correlates of Crime & Delinquency
Capital Punishment
Juvenile Justice
Policy Analysis
Drugs and the Criminal Justice System

Research Interests:

Juvenile justice, race, gender, and crime, correctional policies and outcomes, educational policies and outcomes, nutrition and delinquency

Teaching Interests:

Corrections, juvenile justice, race, gender, crime, and research methods

Curriculum Vitae:

Jonathan Sorensen

College of Human Ecology
Rivers Building | Greenville, NC 27858-4353 USA
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