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Hilary White started her interior design business in 2005, one year after graduating from East Carolina University's interior design program. She has since expanded the business to included her furniture company, Liv-Chic. Through Liv-Chic she is able to create the kind of luxurious “Modern-Baroque”, "Haute-Femme" furniture that her NYC clientele crave. By taking the furniture manufacturing side of the industry in-house, she is able to give her clients a higher level of quality control while also making custom furniture more affordable.

Hilary credits the interior design program at ECU for giving her the skills and confidence she needed to start her own business so quickly after graduating.

"I still keep in contact with many of my professors and they remain to this day an invaluable support system for me on both a professional and personal level. I will always be grateful to them for the education I received from them as well as for the lasting friendships that came along with it."

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