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Chad R. Jordan, Class of '97 and '11

What was your major?
Criminal Justice (BS & MS)

Why did you choose ECU?
I chose ECU due to location and due to knowing multiple people in school at ECU.

Why did you choose your major? 
Mostly of my own interest and partially because my uncle works in law enforcement.

What would you tell potential students who are considering your major? 
There are multiple careers available inthis field, but you must be willing to put the work in to accomplish your goals.  It is not unlike any other career.  Some positions are more difficult to obtain than others.  The Criminal Justice field can be very rewarding and exciting.  I have enjoyed my career to this point in my life and have met many Criminal Justice professionals along the way.  If anyone has an interest in this field then I highly recommend to pursue yourinterest and I highly recommend the ECU Criminal Justice BS & MS Programs.  

Do you have a professor that you look back on fondly? Dr. Mark Jones and Dr. Mary Jackson

What is your best ECU memory? Without a doubt both graduations!

Tell us about your current job and any positions that lead you to where you are now. 
I began teaching at Nash Community College on 08/01/13 as a Criminal Justice Instructor.  This is a very exciting time for me and this new position is something I have wanted to pursue for some time.  It will give me a chance to educate others in a career that I enjoy and at the same time guide future professionals in choosing the best avenue for themselves in this field.  Prior to this new position I worked as an adult probation/parole officer for almost 14 years and at the same time worked active auxiliary as a deputy sheriff with the Chowan County Sheriff’s Office. Prior to that, I worked about a year and a half as a campus police officer at ECU.  I think the field experience I have gained in corrections and law enforcement combined with the knowledge I have gained from ECU makes
me well-rounded and will hopefully assist me in teaching students who desire to pursue an education in the field
of Criminal Justice.      

What motivates you in your job, and how does your education at ECU relate to that
Undoubtedly “service”. I think service plays a major part in whatever career a person chooses in the Criminal Justice field.  Whether it was law enforcement, corrections, or now teaching, what I get the most from my career is what I get out of helping or assisting others.  That is what ECU is about.  I am not sure people will really make it in this
field if they don’t have some desire to help others. 

What lessons did you learn at ECU that you think helped to shape your work or yourself?
What you accomplish is based on the work you put in.  You have to be willing to put the work in to achieve your goal.  Don’t be satisfied, do your best.

What is the best part of your job? 
The best part of my new job is that I will be able to assist those who want to learn about Criminal Justice and help those who want to pursue a career in this field.  I will be achieving my goal and at the same time hopefully helping others achieve their own goal or goals.   

Any words of wisdom to current students at ECU or particularly those in the College of Human Ecology (or your major)? 
Be serious about your education and your career choice early on.  Do the best you can right from the start.  I unfortunately was lackadaisical the first year and a half that I was in college and it made it more difficult to raise my grade point average when I was in my junior and senior years of college.  You live with your choices.  Be forward-thinking individuals and make smart decisions when it comes to making decisions that could adversely affect your future.  Also get to know others in this field.  Get to know other students in your major, people that work in the field, and the professors that teach in your major.  They could all become important contacts for you in the future.  Finally, never give up!

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