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Morgan Oliver ’06, hospitality management, made history by becoming the youngest executive chef of Omni Hotels Corporation in 2007 at the age of 24. As executive chef, Morgan’s responsibilities include purchasing as well as overseeing the production of food and beverage in four outlets: the restaurant, coffee shop, room service, and banquets.

Morgan began working at the age of 15, gaining experience in a variety of food service establishments. While in school at East Carolina University, he worked at the Greenville Country Club and the City Hotel and Bistro. Morgan credits the majority of his experience to his time spent at City Hotel and Bistro, where he worked as a line cook and then as sous chef. After graduating college, he began working with the Newport Hospitality Group as head chef. A year later, Morgan was offered a job in Charlottesville, VA, as executive sous Chef at the Omni. He was promoted to executive chef just eight months later. Since then, Morgan says that he has continued to learn and grow with the company.

“I love cooking and being in the kitchen,” says Morgan. “I am passionate about what I do, and I think that my passion translates into my work. Hospitality is an unbelievable business because you get to work with and around so many different people. Your ultimate goal in hospitality, no matter what area, is to make sure that your guests are happy, and that is very rewarding.”

Morgan’s advice for students looking into careers in hospitality is to take any opportunity that is given and to stay focused. “I use things that I learned in school every day and I think that is very rewarding,” he says. “But, I think that the biggest impact ECU made was the experiences I had with my professors and fellow students. These connections and relationships continue to help me today.”

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