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Malory Overton Windham, Class of '09 and '11

What was your major?
BS Child Development and Family Relations and MSW

Why did you choose ECU?
Originally, I chose ECU primarily due to its Interior Design program.  In addition, my father is an alumni of ECU’s medical school and I was raised in Eastern North Carolina, so it was a natural fit.

Why did you choose your major? 
I chose both of my majors, undergrad and grad, because I love people.  I am fascinated with people.  I wanted to learn about human behavior, what make people tick, and why people do what they do. 

What would you tell potential students who are considering your major? 
If you are considering the MSW program, be prepared for some serious self-exploration.  It can be frightening, but it really does make you a better person, as well as a better professional.

Do you have a professor that you look back on fondly?
I have multiple professors that I look back on fondly.  Prof. Averett, Prof. Nalavany, Prof. Carawan, and Prof. Pizzutto were all so amazing.  I cannot imagine the MSW program without them. 

What is your best ECU memory?
 Graduation Day 2011.

Tell us about your current job and any positions that lead you to where you are now. 
I am currently a 3rd year law student at North Carolina Central University.  I am also working PRN as a therapist at a UNC crisis stabilization unit in Raleigh, NC.  Immediately upon graduation I worked as a therapeutic foster home consultant and licensing consultant with a community mental health company. 

What motivates you in your job, and how does your education at ECU relate to that
I realized I wanted to continue my education to the legal field during my 2nd year of the MSW program.  It became glaringly apparent that I would best be able to help people in a different setting and manner than the traditional social work student.  In the MSW program we discussed “empowerment” quite extensively.  As a future attorney, I will hopefully be able to “empower” others through advisement, by equipping them with the knowledge needed to make better decisions.

What lessons did you learn at ECU that you think helped to shape your work or yourself?
The MSW program provided an excellent foundation of knowledge about human behavior, which is beneficial in any professional or personal environment. 

What is the best part of your job? 
Whether it is regarding my current work as a therapist or my future work as an attorney, I’d like to think that I have made or will make a difference in my clients’ lives for the better.  

Any words of wisdom to current students at ECU or particularly those in the College of Human Ecology (or your major)? 
Study hard and devote more time to your studies than to your parties.  It will make life as an entry-level professional so much easier.  Oh…and think outside the box!

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