Hospitality Leadership
       Featured Faculty and Staff --- Dr. David L. Edgell, Sr.
Fully Tenured Professor, Hospitality Leadership

Courses Taught:
Dimensions of Tourism
Travel and Tourism Management
Planning and Policy of Sustainable Tourism

Research and Personal Interests:
Sustainable tourism; global tourism issues; marketing tourism; rural tourism; history of travel; tourism development; and tourism policy and planning

Bachelor of Science Degree in Business
Bachelor of Arts Degree in Economics
Master of Arts Degree in Administration
Doctor of Philosophy Degree in Management

Awards Won:
National Institute of Public Affairs Career Education Award for Public Service; U.S. Department of Commerce’s highest Awards: Gold Medal Award (also received the Silver Medal and Bronze Medal); Mexico’s highest award: Miguel Aleman Foundation Silver Medal for International Tourism Leadership; Charter Member of the prestigious International Academy for the Study of Tourism; East Carolina University Chancellors’ Society; The George Washington University Award for Global Tourism Leadership

What City, State, or Country are you originally from?
Leavenworth, Kansas

Some type of quote you live by:
“We have not inherited the Earth from our ancestors, we have only borrowed it from our children” (ancient proverb)



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