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Darden Dining Room
The Darden Dining Room provides an environment where groups of lab students create a menu and manage food preparation to serve to customers. This experience allows students to immerse their learning in all elements of restaurant management. The facility consists of a full size commercial kitchen and a newly renovated dining area for customer seating. This facility and its luncheons have become a long time standard at ECU and within the college.
Golden Corral Culinary Center
The Golden Corral Culinary Center is a state of the art culinary center. It contains industrial, commercial grade appliances. The room is designed for lecturing and/or food preparation demonstrations. The Center is also utilized for guest chef demonstrations as well as various other activities and events. Lab technology also provides the opportunity to tape and broadcast lab activities. One annual event is the ECU Iron Chef competition sponsored by the National Society of Minorities in Hospitality student organization.
Student Organizations
Currently the School of Hospitality Leadership is affiliated with 3 discipline specific student organizations: Eta Sigma Delta, National Society of Minorities in Hospitality (NSMH), and Pirate Planners. Other college and university-wide organizations are also available for student participation. These organizations provide an environment for social networking, interacting with industry professionals, attendance of conferences and conventions, and other events. For example, the National Society of Minorities in Hospitality, ECU Chapter sponsored the ECU Iron Chef, where faculty and students competed in a judged cooking competition. We encourage all students to take advantage of at least one of these organizations. For more information on HMGT Student Organizations click here.  
Field Experience  
Students in our undergraduate degree programs are required to participate in an externship after their sophomore year and an internship prior to their senior year. The externships are typically a brief interaction with industry professionals. The purposes of these are to expose newly admitted Hospitality Leadership students to potential professions and job fields. The internships are much more extensive and involved. Many internships are completed in North Carolina and throughout the United States. Department and individual faculty have garnered relationships with industry professionals that allow us to place students in some of the top environments throughout the country. The internship location is typically agreed upon between the student and their internship instructor.
Through private funding and endowments the School of Hospitality Leadership is able to offer scholarship opportunities to students enrolled in its undergraduate degree concentrations (declared majors). There are currently multiple scholarships available from the following funds: Diversified Foods, Aramark, Lassiter, and Roberts. The amount of funds awarded varies from scholarship to scholarship and is dependent upon availability of funds. Please contact us if you are interested in learning more about our scholarship opportunities.
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