Social Work
       Featured Faculty and Staff --- Dr. John Peirpont
Associate Professor, Social Work

Courses Taught:
Introduction to Social Work & Social Welfare (Socw 5900); Introduction to Clinical-Community Practice: Community Foundations (Socw6111); Clinical-Community Practice: Community Partnerships (Socw 6141); Integrative Seminar (Socw 6550). 

Research and Personal Interests:
Engaged Pedagogy; Community-Based Practice; Social justice, self-determination, and empowerment among marginalized groups in community contexts. 

Ph.D. University of Kansas, 1998
M.S.W. University of Kansas, 1986
M.Th. Southern Methodist University, 1977
B.A. McMurry College, 1972
Fellowship in Religion & Psychiatry, Karl Menninger School of Psychiatry & Mental Health Sciences,1982-83

Some type of quote you live by:
"If students of social work are to learn about empowerment they should practice their role as students in a fully empowered way. This is nothing but an application of the principle of correspondence between theory and practice. If we want to understand the quality of an educational programme it is not enough to study the core values, the syllabus, the curriculum and the lectures. As is well known from organisational theory, any educational institution has a hidden curriculum implanted in the organisational structure. If social work students learn (theoretically) about empowerment while studying within a hierarchical and undemocratic organisational structure, the final outcome will most certainly be disappointment...if this statement is taken to its full consequence I would guess that social work education and training around the world would need some important revisions..." Dag Leonardsen, 2006 

Something interesting about yourself?
Beginning with the autumn 2011 academic year, I've returned to school as a student in the ECU two year Faculty Development Language Program (Spanish) to better equip me to work with Spanish-speaking colleagues and community members.  






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