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       Graduate Certificate in Gerontology
The graduate certificate in gerontology builds upon undergraduate education or work experience through course work in aging studies. The 15-semester-hour program includes a 3-semester-hour core course, 9 semester hours of selected electives, and a 3-semester-hour practicum.
Required Core Courses:
GERO/SOCW/CDFR 5400 (3 semester hours)



Selected Electives (one from each of the following categories):

(1)Aging and Social/Behavioral Science (3 semester hours)SOCI 5600 or PSYC 5400
(2)Aging and Health (3 semester hours) SOCW 6326 or GERO/SOCI/MPH 6100
(3)Practice or Intervention in Aging (3 semester hours) ADED 6453, ADED 6454, CDFR 5411, EXSS 5800, CSDI 6800, GERO/SOCW 6222, SOCW 6322, or GERO/SOCW/NURS 6022


  GERO 6600 (3 semester hours)

Students with significant work experience in an organization serving older adults may, with permission from the Center on Aging Director substitute a course selected from those included in (1), (2) or (3) above for GERO 6600. Up to 6 semester hours of coursework may consist of NC Gerontology Consortium distance education courses, provided that each course is consistent with the categories described in (1), (2) or (3) above and that no more than one course is completed in each category.
Some of the courses that may be chosen as electives are:
ADED 6453 The Adult Learner
ADED 6454 Educational Gerontology
CDFR 5411 Counseling Elders and Their Families
CSDI 6800 Communication Processes and Disorders in Aging
EXSS 5800 Physical Activities for the Aged
GERO 6600 Practicum in Aging Studies
GERO/SOCI/MPH 6100 Aging and Health
GERO/SOCW 6222 Group Work with the Aged
GERO/SOCW/CDFR 5400 Seminar in Aging Studies
GERO/SOCW/NURS 6022 Perspectives on Death and Dying
PSYC 5400 Advanced Gerontology
SOCI 5600 Seminar in Aging
SOCW 6322 Practice in Health and Aging
SOCW 6326 Advanced Policy in Health and Aging Settings
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