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       Graduate Certificate in Substance Abuse

Program Description
The substance abuse certificate program is designed to provide graduate social work students with the necessary core functions and competencies of substance abuse counseling.  This body of knowledge will allow the student who obtains the certification an opportunity to earn their Licensed Clinical Addictions Specialist (LCAS) credential from the North Carolina Substance Abuse Professional Practice Board (NCSAPPB).  Individuals who are licensed may engage in clinical practice with substance abusing clients. The courses will be taught both on site at ECU and on-line by credentialed social work faculty. The certificate classes will be offered as electives in the graduate social work curricula.


NCSAPPB certifies the Licensed Clinical Addictions Specialist (LCAS).  Students who receive the certificate qualify under NCSAPPB Criteria “C” for LCAS Certification.  After completion of the certificate program, students will be required to meet the additional requirements of Criteria “C” in order to become licensed. This certificate will not waive other NCSAPPB requirements. For more information on the Substance Abuse Certificate please email us at

Program Objectives
The certificate in substance abuse is designed to equip select social work graduate students and community practitioners with specific skills and knowledge in the area of substance abuse counseling.  The primary objectives are: to increase the educational knowledge (cognitive) and skills (practice) in substance services for social work professionals. In addition, the program aims to increase the number of substance abuse counselors in the state who are academically prepared to become LCAS practitioners. Upon completion of the program requirements students will:

· Be eligible to apply for Associate Licensure Status LCAS-A
· Be eligible to apply for the LCAS credential with NCSAPPB
· Be eligible for reduction in supervision hours needed to obtain LCAS credential
· Have fulfilled the LCAS 180 hours of substance specific education requirements



Curriculum Core Courses:
SOCW 6101 Social Work Intervention with groups for Substance Use Disorders
SOCW 6701 Psychopathology: A Social Work Perspective on Mental Health and Substance Abuse
SOCW 6800 Social Work Practice in Substance Abuse Treatment
SOCW 6801 Clinical Approaches with Substance Using/Abusing Clients
SOCW 6950 Field Instruction Seminar II
SOCW 6960 Field Instruction Seminar III



Gainful Employment Disclosure Information


Admission Requirements:
  • Current enrollment in an accredited Graduate Social Work program or related human service program with clinical application (Final certification at the LCAS level requires the completion of a Master’s Degree).
  • Completion of four academic courses and a second year field placement or 2 years of practice work in Substance Abuse under the supervision of a CCS or CSI. 

NOTE: These academic courses can be utilized by others holding a Master’s level degree in Social Work or other human services disciplines as partial fulfillment of the NCSAPPB requirements.  Such candidates would have to comply with all other requirements for certification by the Board.

Program Coordinator: Dr. Michael A. Robinson, PhD, MSSW, LCAS-A
Dr. Mary S. Jackson, PhD, ACSW, DCSW, CCJS, LICDC, CCS
Mr. Michael Daniels, MSW, LCAS, CCS

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