The Coastal-Maritime Council (CMC) was formed in the fall of 2004 and is comprised of 30 members from academic and research units across the ECU campus.  The 30 members of the CMC are listed here

The overall purpose of the CMC is to organize, plan, and coordinate research programs across disciplines and across departments in the coastal-maritime arena.

The objective is to bring social, economic, and natural scientists together to address complex scientific questions concerning the ecosystems of the NC coastal environment.  In doing so, the scientists collaborate in the writing of large multidisciplinary and multi-institutional grant proposals, and in the conduct of the externally-funded research in an integrated and interdisciplinary manner.

The research activities draw in graduate students from the Coastal Resources Management (CRM) doctoral program and from the master’s programs of the participating academic departments.  More than 40 ECU research faculty from nine academic units are affiliated with the Coastal-Maritime program.  Throughout the year, activities are sponsored by the CMC to promote interdisciplinary research and to encourage collaboration.  These activities include workshops, seminars, retreats, and communication with affiliated faculty on funding opportunities.

Coastal-Maritime Council

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