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Military Programs

The ECU Army ROTC Staff is committed to Leadership Excellence. We offer students a professional atmosphere in which we share 120 years worth of leadership experience to help our cadets/students develop into the future officer corps of the United States Army. Our leadership training consists of class lecture, hands-on training with our labs, and interaction with other Army ROTC cadets/students from other universities during our combined Field Training Exercises (FTX). Contact us today for further information on the premier leadership development course here at ECU.


LTC Sean E. Farrar
Professor of Military Science
Battalion Commander
Senior Instructor
Branch: Aviation
Email: farrars@ecu.edu
Phone: 252-328-2953

Special Skills: UH-60 Aviator, Combat Action Badge, Air Assault, Airborne

  Operation New Dawn - Iraq

MSG MacMiller2

MSG Clint MacMiller
Assistant Professor of Military Science
MSIII Instructor
Branch: Infantry
Email: macmillerc@ecu.edu
Phone: 252-328-2954 


Special Skills: Expert Infantryman's Badge, Combat Infantryman's Badge, Ranger, Airborne

Deployments: Operation Iraqi Freedom 06-07, Operation Iraqi Freedom 08-09, Operation Enduring Freedom, Afghanistan 2011-2012

CPT Burgemaster

MAJ Colleen Burgemaster
Assistant Professor of Military Science
Branch: Logistics
Email: burgemasterc@ecu.edu


Special Skills: Expert Field Medical Badge

Assignments: Camp Humphreys, Korea 2001-2002, Ft Lewis, WA 2002-2004, Camp Humphreys, Korea 2004-2006, Ft. Bragg, NC (Army Reserves) 2006-2011



CPT Steven Barnaby
Assistant Professor of Military Science
Executive Officer
MSI Instructor
Branch: Armor
Phone: 252-328-6225

Special Skills: Expert Infantryman Badge, Master Parachutist, Jumpmaster, Air Assault, Pathfinder, Long Range Surveillance Leader, Cavalry Leader

Deployments: Operation Iraqi Freedom 07-08, Operation Iraqi Freedom 08-09, Operation Enduring Freedom X, Multinational Force and Observer (Egypt)


CPT Eric J. Breaux
Assistant Professor of Military Science

MS II Instructor 

Branch: Logistics

Email: breauxe@ecu.edu
Phone: 252-328-6153

Special Skills: Combat Action Badge

Deployments: Operation Enduring Freedom, Afghanistan 2009-2010


SFC Josh Moffitt
NCO Operations Officer

Branch: Engineer

Email: moffittj@ecu.edu
Phone: 252-737-2635

Special Skills: Sapper, Air Assault, Combat Action Badge, Drill Sergeant Badge

Deployments: Operation Iraqi Freedom 2004-2005, Operation Iraqi Freedom 2006-2007, Operation Enduring Freedom Afghanistan 2013


Mr B. Michael Hawley
Assistant Professor of Military Science
MS II Instructor
Branch: Field Artillery
Email: hawleyb@ecu.edu
Phone: 252-328-4180
Deployment: Operation Iraqi Freedom 06-07


Mr. Dale Anderson

ROTC Recruiting Officer

E-mail: andersondal@ecu.edu


Ms. Rhea Hayward
Human Resources Assistant
Email: haywardr@ecu.edu
Phone: 252-328-6085
Ms. Rose Quasebarth
Administrative Technician
Email: chaillandr@ecu.edu
Phone: 252-328-5496

Ms. Cary Ann Reeves
University Associate


Phone: 252-328-2953


BATES 0167

SGT Johnathon Bates
Recruiting and Retention NCO
National Guard

Email: johnathon.c.bates@us.Army.mil or batesj@ecu.edu
Phone: 252-916-9073

Current as of Tuesday, April 22, 2014