Military Programs


Contracting into Army ROTC not only means the Army begins paying you a stipend; it also means you are promising to take the oath to become an officer upon graduation. Contracted Cadets have proved themselves to be worthy of training to become an Army officer.

Commissioning into the Army as a Second Lieutenant is the end result of your ROTC training and completion of a Bachelor’s degree. ECU Army ROTC commissioned thirteen lieutenants in the 2012-2013 academic year:

  • 2LT James Benton
  • 2LT Jesse Casey
  • 2LT Justin Cooper
  • 2LT David Garland
  • 2LT Kimberly Hulin
  • 2LT Jonathan Kennaley
  • 2LT Christopher Murphy
  • 2LT Dean Riggs
  • 2LT Alexander Roose
  • 2LT Preston Shepard 
  • 2LT Shanita Moore
  • 2LT John Vallery
  • 2LT Taylor Bowen
Current as of Friday, October 18, 2013