North Carolina Army National Guard and U.S. Army Reserves with Army ROTC (NCNG & USAR)

Army National Guard Hummer

The National Guard and Reserve option is a great alternative for financial assistance in lieu of a scholarship. In SY 2013-2014, 60% of our ECU Cadets were in either the National Guard or Reserves. This option, called the Simultaneous Membership Program (SMP), allows you to pursue your education and receive the financial benefits of a National Guard or Reserve Soldier.

Blue Fad Soldiers

National Guard Benefits:

  • 100% Tuition Assistance
  • Monthly Drill Pay ($160 and up after taxes)
  • $300-$500 per month ROTC stipend (SMP Cadets)
  • *$317 Monthly G.I. Bill for qualified Cadets
  • Most Army ROTC SMP Cadets in the Reserve have the benefits of the Reserves without the worry of being deployed.

*Qualified Cadets are those that have completed BASIC (Enlisted Boot Camp) and AIT (Advanced Individual Training). Upon completion of both, Cadets may be granted the benefits of the Montgomery G.I. Bill.

For more information concerning the SMP Program while enrolled in ECU ARMY ROTC, please contact:

Army ROTC Recruiting Officer Mr. Dale Anderson at N.C.National Guard Recruiter at ECU SGT  Johnathan Bates at or

For information about the Army reserves visit

Current as of Thursday, December 10, 2015