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Admission requirements vary depending upon the program. Please check your program of interest for specific requirements. The admissions process takes time. We encourage you to submit your application for admission at least eight weeks prior to the start of the semester. You are strongly advised to start early and be aware of deadlines. In addition to application forms, many programs require a standardized admissions test, official transcripts and in some instances additional information.

Some graduate programs will allow you to take up to 9 credits as a non-degree student. Many graduate students enroll in classes as a non-degree student while completing their application to a degree program. You should check with your intended program of study to see if that is an option for you.

Once you are admitted to ECU, take this opportunity to contact your advisor to introduce yourself and discuss registration. Your academic advisor will assist you with clarifying your academic goals and deciding on the appropriate courses for which to register. Undergraduate students will be assigned a registration pin number that will allow them to complete online registration. Graduate students are not required to have a pin number for registration.

A listing of academic advisors is available on the Options website ( Select “Current Students” from the top menu, then select “Academic Advisors” under Registration. Classes fill quickly so we encourage you to register early. For a list of available online courses for spring 2008, visit the Options website and click “What courses are offered?”

For general information on undergraduate admissions, click here.

For general information on graduate admissions, click here.