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DE Student Orientation

How much does it cost?





$149.00/per semester hr*

$626/per semester hr*

Graduate (Except MBA/MSA Courses)

$222.00/per semester hr*

$826.00/per semester hr*

Military Rates

For information regarding military tuition click here.

*includes $15.00 per semester hour in required fees.
***additional clinical skills fee

Special Fees:

**MBA Courses will be assessed an additional $125.00 per semester hour for tuition
**MSN/DNP Courses will be assessed an additional $100 per semester hour for tuition
**MS in CSDI Courses will be assessed an additional $50 per semester hour for tuition
***All Allied Health and Nursing courses will be assesssed an additional $47.50 clinical skills fee per semester

Full time campus students who elect to add a DE course to their schedule will be charged additional tuition and fees for those courses at the distance education rates in addition to their full time campus tuition. There may be additional fees associated with Distance Education courses for verification of student identity for proctored examinations.

Students admitted to the university as non-degree graduate students and those pursuing graduate degrees or certificates of advanced study will be charged tuition and fees at the graduate rates.

Tuition payments for distance education courses can be made on-line through ECU’s OneStop via a secure connection, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You can access the OneStop at Click on the Tools tab and then click on the Tuition Statements and Payments Option in the box labeled courses.

Students who are awarded financial aid can have funds moved to the Dowdy Student Store for purchase of textbooks prior to the term (if funds are available). This process can be completed by contacting Continuing Studies via e-mail,

Setting up a Bookstore Account with Financial Aid or Scholarship Funds

In order for a student to pay for textbooks with financial aid or any type of scholarship, money must be deferred to a bookstore account. For more information, visit the following webpage, and select the Bookstore tab under the Spending Accounts section.

To avoid having class schedules canceled consult the University Calendar for payment deadlines.

For information about tuition refunds see the Tuition Refund Policy page.