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January 17, 2007


January 2007

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DE Student Orientation Website

The DE Orientation will take you step-by-step through the process of how to get started taking classes online.  As you work through the orientation, you will discover answers to questions you may have such as:
    * What is distance  
    * Who is my advisor, 
      and how do I   
      contact him/her? 
    * How do I access  
      course material? 
    * How do I get an
      email account and
      DE student card?
    *How do I register for 
   * What kind of
      computer will I need?


Internet Courses and are They Right For Me?

To be successful in Internet courses, students must be comfortable using computers and navigating the Internet. To help determine whether you are ready for online learning, take a few minutes and review our tips to help you prepare for taking an Internet course and the characteristics of a successful online student.








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Academic Outreach
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  East Carolina University

DE Student Feature

Meet Billy Igoe
Distance Education Student
I have been employed with the university for 12 years. The first 9 years, I worked as a Media Technician. I am currently working as a Networking Analyst.  I enjoy working for the university and would like to have a degree from this great institution.

 I have a 2 year degree in Electronics Engineering from James Sprunt Community College. I have wanted to obtain a 4 year degree for some time but it was out of the question between working and helping take care of my two sons. My kids are teenagers now and I have some free time I can devote to studying.  I decided to take advantage of the tuition program that is available for ECU employees. Through distance education I can work and still be able to take classes without having to be on campus. This saves me valuable time. 

My main objective is to get a BS degree in Industrial Technology.  It may take me awhile since I plan to take only one class a semester. It has been a challenge going back to college after a 24 year break but my distance education teachers have been very supportive.   Once I get the hang of things, I may be brave enough to take two courses a semester so I can finish my degree before I retire.

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What's New - Spring Semester Update

Distance Education Student Cards
Distance Education Student Cards for the Spring 2007 semester will be mailed to all distance education students, you should receive your card by January 22nd.   The Distance Education Student Card grants access to ECU computer labs and allows students to check books out of the ECU libraries.  Please note that the Distance Education Student Card will not provide access to the Student Recreation Center, Student Health Services, Athletic events and other activities that are available to on-campus students because DE students do not pay these additional university fees.  The Distance Education Student Cards are valid for one semester and are mailed to your home address.  If your address has changed, you will need to update your address through OneStop ( https://onestop.ecu.edu/onestop/) in order to receive future cards.  Please contact Kim Wilson for replacement cards or if you have not received your card by January 22nd at wilsonki@ecu.edu.

Online Job Search Workshops are at Your Fingertips
The Career Center @ECU has a virtual career center designed to help DE students achieve success in their job search.  Whether you are looking to move up within your current company or planning on using your ECU degree to start a new career, The Career Center @ ECU is here to help you!  We offer a diverse set of online workshops covering everything from how to write a resume, to what you should have in your portfolio.  These workshops come in a variety of electronic formats so everyone should be able to benefit from them.  To access our workshops go to our website at http://www.ecu.edu/e3careers/forstudents.overview.asp and click on the word “Workshops” on the left hand side.  In addition, on our website you can access job banks, “how-to” handouts, career assessment links, career and workplace setting information.  All this and more is available to you online or by phone at The Career Center.   Chat online or call toll free: 800-391-0506.  Call The Career Center at ECU today!

Distance Education Forum in OneStop
Many of you have logged into the Distance Education forum to introduce yourself and post questions.  We encourage you to continue to visit the Distance Education forum located in the Community area of OneStop.  This forum is specifically for distance education students to share ideas, questions, or comments.  Feel free to post new discussion topics as you communicate throughout the semester.  To access the Distance Education forum in OneStop, click the following link.  https://onestop.ecu.edu/onestop/


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Blackboard Online Support
Blackboard is a web-based system that delivers online courses.  Blackboard Online Support is accessible from several locations within your Blackboard course or the Blackboard Gateway page http://ecu.blackboard.com/.  Online Support provides a troubleshooter, searchable knowledge base, library of downloads, and Submit a Ticket service. *If you are having problems logging into your Blackboard course, contact the University IT Help Desk.

Division of Continuing Studies
See the Options website for information about distance education, including degree and certificate programs, continuing and professional education, and additional support services.http://www.options.ecu.edu

For assistance with questions about academic and student support services, call the Division of Continuing Studies student services staff at 1-800-398-9275 or 252-328-9205 or send an email todcs@ecu.edu.

Information Technology and Computing Services   
New to ECU? Go to www.ecu.edu/cs-itcs/act/N2ECU_Students.cfm for a snapshot of IT   resources to get you started at the university.

Protect Your Passphrase: It’s a Life and Theft Situation

Occasionally, your passphrase might expire before you get a chance to change it, or you might get locked out of your accounts due to a technical glitch, so you need your passphrase reset. Since you use your ECU PirateID and passphrase to access accounts, like e-mail and OneStop, that house important and confidential information, you want to be sure that no one but YOU can request a change to your passphrase.

Beginning February 1, 2007
To better protect your identity and digital information, ITCS is offering three different options for resetting your passphrase: http://www.ecu.edu/cs-itcs/Passphrasereset2007.cfm


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