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                                                                                                                      September 07, 2007

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~September 2007~

 1.   Welcome 
 2.  Chancellor Feature
 3.   DE Student Feature
 4.   DE Day
 5.   DE Student Cards
 6.   Blackboard 
 7.   Financial Aid Refunds

 8.   Course Management  
 9.   DE Forum
10.  DE Orientation
11.  Joyner Library
12.  Pirate Athletics
13.  ECU News

DE Day ~
ECU Pirates From a Distance
Academic Outreach and the Division of Continuing Studies at ECU are sponsoring the 2nd Annual DE Day for Pirate Football on Saturday, October 27, 2007.  The ECU Pirates will celebrate Homecoming as we take on the Blazers of UAB in a 3:30pm game. ECU is celebrating its Centennial year, so now is the time to come to Greenville, visit the ECU campus and show your Purple and Gold Pride!

Tickets to the football game can be purchased online at the ECU Athletics website. Please enter promotion code ECUDED.  Game tickets are discounted to $15.00 each for adults & children and there is no limit as to how many tickets can be purchased. 

For complete information, visit the DE Day website: www.options.ecu.edu/deday.cfm.

and Internet Explorer 7 Problems

Blackboard has announced their limited compatibility with the new Microsoft Vista Operating System and its Internet Explorer 7 web browser .

Problem:  (direct link)
The visual text box area used in the discussion forum feature in Blackboard is missing. 

Solution:  (direct link)
Download, install and use the Mozilla Firefox browser when using Blackboard.

Download Firefox
Here is a video on how to download and install the Firefox browser.

Contact the Blackboard administrator by email at

Course Management System

At Academic Outreach, one of our major commitments is to provide a feature rich & user friendly course management system (CMS) for teaching and learning for both on-campus and distance education courses at ECU.  In order to provide this service, we are reviewing three course management systems: Blackboard Version 7, Moodle, and Sakai. During the Fall 2007 faculty could be using Blackboard version 7, Moodle or Sakai.  Moodle & Sakai are both open-source CMS platforms we have chosen for the study. To read about the CMS Platform study, visit the website website http://www.ecu.edu/cs-acad/cms/index.cfm.  If you have questions about this study, send an email to ecuao@ecu.edu.

Distance Education Forum in OneStop

Have you checked out the Distance Education forum yet?  This forum is a place for distance education students to share ideas, questions, or comments.  Feel free to post new  discussion topics as you commun-icate throughout the semester.  To access the Distance Education forum in OneStop, log in at the following  URL https://onestop.ecu.edu/onestop/ and click the Community tab.

Distance Education Orientation Website

The DE Orientation will take you step-by-step through the process of how to get started taking classes online.  As you work through the orientation, you will discover answers to questions you may have such as:  What is distance education?  Who is my advisor, and how do I contact him/her? How do I access course material? How do I get an email account and DE student card? http://author.ecu.edu/

Pirate  Athletics


Here you will find links to campus sports, Pirate Club, purchase tickets, radio & television broadcast information, history and records, traditions, & more.  http://www.ecupirates.com/

Campus News

Visit the Campus News page for up to date East Carolina University headlines. http://www.news.ecu.edu/


          East Carolina University
     Office of Academic Outreach
     301 Evans Street ~ Suite 401
           Greenville, NC 27858

                  ~Welcome to East Carolina University~

to the 2007 Fall Semester and another edition of  D-ECU News -- the newsletter that will keep you informed of university news, resources, and announcements that affect the distance education community.  If you will be traveling to campus to use ECU Libraries & computer labs, be sure to read the information below about the Distance Education Student Cards. 

Campus Leader Feature 
Meet Our Chancellor

Chancellor Steve Ballard, since his arrival in Greenville in June 2004, has focused on measures designed to enhance East Carolina Universityís role as the University For North Carolina. On an array of topics, from student success to research productivity to athletics, he has emphasized excellence and leadership.

While leading the fastest-growing university in North Carolina , and the one with the largest distance-education program, Ballard is committed to providing every student with excellent training in the classroom, practical experiences in the community and region, and the opportunity to develop leadership skills. He has hired nationally known leaders in athletics, research, finance, and fund-raising. He has overseen a record-breaking building boom on campus and the addition of over 400 new faculty positions.

Before joining East Carolina as the universityís tenth chief executive, Ballard served as provost at the University of Missouri at Kansas City. Previous academic appointments had taken him from Oklahoma to the East Coast.  For more information on Chancellor Ballard :

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DE Student Feature
Meet Jennifer Varney~
Distance Education Student
In 2001 I was laid off from my manufacturing job in  Greensboro along with almost 3000 others.   I spent 10 years working dead-end manual labor jobs with low pay, poor benefits and constant instability.   I was newly divorced and had two school aged kids to take care of.   I decided to go back to college and get an AAS degree in Business Administration with the goal of starting my own business.   I worked part time and went to school full time for 2 years.      

By the time I graduated with my AAS I knew I needed to get a higher degree before I could obtain financially adequate and sustainable employment.    I also knew that it would take a lot longer for me to build a business than I had initially anticipated, and I needed real world work experience and more knowledge of business management theory first.    I enrolled in a four year university, taking evening classes only and working full time during the day.    While this seemed like an ideal situation initially, it soon became an issue for my employer and I struggled to keep jobs that would allow me to leave to attend 4pm classes at school.

After three semesters of fighting to get the classes I needed & struggling with child care issues in the evenings, I was very frustrated, and ready to quit school altogether.    Thatís when I learned I could finish my degree online at ECU instead.    To say that this program has been a life-saver for me is understating the obvious!   The DE programs at ECU are the best nationally accredited online degree programs I have ever seen.   Being able to complete my assignments online in my free time has opened up my job availability, & allowed me to find my dream job.

I now work as a Buyer for Volvo Group NA, which is a corporate purchasing position in a truly international corporation.    I travel on a regular basis for my company, including several international trips each year.    There is no way I could have finished my degree, or landed this position if I was still struggling to meet the demands of face to face classes!

I will graduate with my BS in Business Administration this fall, and start working on my MBA at ECU through their online degree program in the Spring of 2008.    I recommend this school and their DE program to everyone I meet.    I know when I finish my MBA I will have a solid education in Supply Chain Management, and several years of experience in Purchasing, Logistics and Business Administration that I never would have received otherwise, and I will finally be in a position to start building my own business, with the confidence that I have a strong foundation of knowledge, skill and experience behind me.

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Distance Education Student Cards  

Distance Education Student Cards for the Fall 2007 semester will be  mailed to all distance education students.  You should receive your card by September 15th.   The Distance Education Student Card grants access to ECU computer labs and allows students to check books out of the ECU libraries.  Please note that the Distance Education Student Card will not provide access to the Student Recreation Center, Student Health Services, Athletic events and other activities that are available to on-campus students because DE students do not pay these additional university fees.  The Distance Education Student Cards are valid for one semester and are mailed to your home address.  If your address has changed, you will need to update your address through OneStop  https://onestop.ecu.edu/onestop/
in order to receive future cards.  Please contact Kim Wilson for replacement cards or if you have not received your card by September 15th at wilsonki@ecu.edu.  

Using Your Financial Aid Refund to Buy Books
Currently, there is not a system in place that will allow DE students to directly use their financial aid refund to purchase books from the book store. Financial aid refunds are not disbursed until after the first day of class.

On the other hand, on-campus students can purchase books with their "Onecard." The Onecard is used as a photo ID that provides on-campus students access to student transit, athletic events, student health services, etc. The card is also used as a means to receive their financial aid refund to purchase books at the book store. However, campus students must personally appear at the bookstore to purchase their books with this card. It cannot be done online.

Campus students pay additional fees for the Onecard benefits that DE students do not pay. The administration is working on this issue to try and find a solution. We will notify you before spring semester regarding this issue.  We are sorry for any inconvenience.

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Joyner Library ~ Connecting with DE Students and Faculty with New Tools and Services
oyner Library's distance education newsletter, DECOVE is still available online.  Look for the fall 2007 issue.  Past issues are archived.

LibQual 2007 Survey Ė  To help us learn more about how DE students perceive  & use library resources and services, we administered LibQual+ to 6007 undergraduate & graduate students enrolled in one or more online courses during spring semester, 2007.   If you would like more information on the LibQual Survey, please review DE Coveís fall 2007 issue.


Getting Books

Joyner Library will send Distance Learning students living outside of Pitt County the books you need to do your research. Simply use the Joyner Library Catalog to find the titles you want and fill out an Interlibrary Loan Request. Currently, return postage is covered by the library. For more information, see the Getting Books web page.

    ECU Distance Learning students may check out materials from the libraries of any of the

    UNC campuses through the Cooperative Borrowing program. ECU Distance Education students will need to show their ECU Distance Education student card issued by the university and a photo ID at  the other library.  List of other UNC Libraries.


We have increased our resources & research options for many students in search for full-text journal articles. 


Getting Articles
Joyner Library also has a new research tool called One Search.  You will find this listed on the library homepage.  Just insert a search term & multiple databases will be searched at once!

Use the E-Journal Portal to see what journals are available online.  Citation Linker  will help find articles when you have partial or full citations.  What if you still can not find full text online? Request it via ILLiad  and we will find it and send it to you for free!  Visit  Joyner ILL  for more information.


Please contact us at any time for research assistance through: 
 IM:  JoynerRef    Telephone: 252-328-6677 and  Email. 


Attention DE Faculty:  If you are teaching online classes this fall and are interested in having tailored Online Library Research Guides & or pathfinder folders added to your Blackboard course page(s), please contact the Joyner Library DE Coordinator, Yolanda Hollingsworth, directly at hollingsworthy@ecu.edu or  252-328-2259.  We would be happy to work with you!!!

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