Get Started at ECU

Getting Started For Coast Guard

Step 1: Review your Military Benefits opportunities and eligibility

  • Contact your Coast Guard Education Office to find out what benefits are available to you.
    • Work with your Coast Guard Education Officer to set up your paperwork in preparation for Tuition Assistance authorization and any other potential benefits.

Step 2: Apply at ECU as a DE student.

Apply at ECU as a DE student.  You will work with an ECU Representative and Academic Advisor to discover the course/s and program that is right for you.
  • An ECU representative will contact you to confirm your application. An Advisor will also be selected for you once your program of study is named.
  • Inform the ECU Academic Advisor you are currently serving and are working with your Education Service Officer to obtain your Tuition Assistance authorization and/or any other military benefits.

Step 3: Submit paperwork documenting your prior education

  • ECU may need additional information such as a high school transcript, college transcripts, or GED.
    • You will work with your ESO and an ECU representative to determine what you need to be admitted.

Step 4: Acceptance and Benefits Processing

  • Upon acceptance to ECU
    • Notify your Coast Guard Education Office that you've been accepted to ECU and request Tuition Assistance authorization and/or any other education benefits paperwork.
    • Once your Tuition Assistance had been reviewed and authorized, you can be enrolled in courses.

Additional Educational Planning Tools and Resources:
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