The Freshman Immersion Program (FIP) is designed to enhance a student's transition from high school to college, offer study skills assistance through academic mentoring, coaching, and tutoring, and help students become engaged in the activities with the ECU community.  Students that participate in FIP are referred to as a FIP Scholars.  To find out more information about FIP Scholars, contact Britany Hoyt, FIP Scholars Coordinator, at, or call 252-737-2627.

To view the FIP Scholars video (Click Here).

FIP Scholars will...

  1. Have a successful transition from high school to college, and will be able to differentiate between the academic demands of high school versus those of college.
  2. Be assigned a peer academic mentor and will actively participate in the academic mentoring program.
  3. Demonstrate an increase knowledge of campus resources helping them reach academic, personal, and professional success.
  4. Create and engage in strong social networks.
  5. Improve their oral presentation skills.
  6. Learn to think logically and problem solve.
  7. Learn the importance of professionalism and learn how to communicate in a professional manner.
  8. Identify their learning styles and execute effective study strategies.
FIP Scholar Perks
  1. Peer academic mentor
  2. Small class sizes*
  3. Unlimited access to a Learning Specialist for academic support
  4. Weekly study hall hours
  5. Personalized workshops for specific courses
  6. Community service opportunities
  7. Unlimited access to the Pirate Academic Success Center**
*Only FIP courses (READ 1031, HLTH 1000, KINE 1000, and COAD 1000) are small classes.
**FIP Scholars will have unlimited access during hours of operation.