The Pirate Academic Success Center (PASC) is committed to the academic success of ECU students and houses multiple nonresidential learning communities, called CREWS.  PASC crews are designed to help you, as a new student, Freshman or transfer, successfully transition to ECU.  As a CREW member you will receive academic college life transition coaching, peer mentoring, social and cultural activities, priority tutoring, STARFISH monitoring, enrollment in common classes, and learning center employment opportunities. 

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FIP(Freshman Immersion Program) Scholars is a year-long nonresidential learning community designed to enhance a student's transition from high school to college, offer study skills assistance through academic mentoring, coaching, and tutoring, and help students become engaged in activities within the ECU community. 

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The Male Achievement Crew (MAC) is a year-long nonresidential learning community that receives high impact services, peer mentoring, common coursework, priority tutoring, STARFISH monitoring, and learning center opportunities.

Buccaneers are a semester long nonresidential community housed in the PASC. Buccaneers receive high impact services, peer mentoring, and enrollment in common classes for one semester.

Mindset for Success is a nonresidential learning community offered in the spring semester for freshman who received below a 2.0 GPA in their first semester of ECU. 

The Transfer Crew is a nonresidential learning community supporting first year transfer students and helps them become connected to the ECU campus community.  They meet bi-weekly to identify tutoring needs, and help transfer students identify effective study strategies to enhance academic success. 

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