Academic Skills Coaching at the Pirate Academic Success Center


Just like an athlete needs a coach to guide them in skill building, college students can benefit from study skills coaching at any time during their undergraduate experience.  PASC professional staff will meet individually with students who wish to improve their study skills on a one on one basis.  


In a one-on-one academic coaching session, you can develop an individualized plan for implementing practical, proven strategies resulting in better grades. Coaching assistance focuses on the following topics:  obtaining college success, enhancing test taking skills, improving study habits, learning textbook reading tips, effective note taking in lectures, improving academic time management and motivation, developing course success strategies and referrals to other campus resources if needed.


Academic coaching sessions are typically 45 minutes to an hour long. Bring your textbook, notes, etc., and we can help you get organized to study for the test, show you how to read more effectively, or suggest more effective study techniques for a particular subject.

To meet with a PASC Study Skills Coach, contact 252-737-3009 or

If you would like to request a Study Skills Coach:  Click here

PASC Resources for ECU Students on Blackboard


Course specific and study skills resources are available to ECU students on Blackboard.

To add the PASC Resources site to your Bb account, e-mail

Transfer Crew

The Pirate Academic Success Center (PASC) offers comprehensive services that supports transfer students through tutoring, study skills coaching, and community involvement.  

How will Transfer Crew help you?

Helps you successfully transition to the ECU campus. 

Provides a peer network that gives you a place to discuss academic and personal concerns. 

Connects you with resources across campus that will assist you’re your personal, academic, and professional success.

If you are interested in being a part of the Transfer Crew: Click here