ECU Undergraduate Catalog 2000-2001
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East Carolina University is committed to equality of educational opportunity and does not discriminate against applicants, students, or employees based on race, color, national origin, religion, gender, age, or disability.  Moreover, East Carolina University is open to people of all races and actively seeks to promote racial integration by recruiting and enrolling a larger number of black students.  An equal opportunity/affirmative action employer, which accommodates the needs of individuals with disabilities.


University Operator: 252-328‑6131

Undergraduate Admissions: 252-328-6640

Graduate Admissions: 252-328‑6012

Records and Transcripts: 252-328‑6745

This catalog is effective with the beginning of the academic year.

All provisions, regulations, degree programs, course listings, courses designated as writing-intensive*, and time of offering**, etc., in effect when this bulletin went to press are subject to revision by the appropriate governing bodies of East Carolina University.

The courses listed as degree requirements in section 7 may have prerequisites or corequisites beyond those that are listed in section 7.  See section 9 for complete course description, including prerequisites and corequisites.

Writing-intensive courses in sections 7 and 9 of this catalog are designated with (WI) if all sections of the course are writing intensive and (WI*) if only selected sections of the course are designated as writing intensive.

The semester in which courses are anticipated to be offered is designated in sections 7 and 9 as follows:  (F) fall, (S) spring, (SS) summer.  If a year is specified, the course is not offered every year.

Prerequisites and Corequisites for courses in sections 7 and 9 of this catalog are indicated as follows: P if prerequisite; C if corequisite; P/C if prerequisite or corequisite.  P, C, or P/C preceded by R if recommended and not required.

Some courses that carry general education credit are identified in the course listings in section 9, using the following notation; however, there may be other courses that also carry general education credit.  Courses in major prefix may not count toward general education.

GE:EN = English GE:HU = Humanities
GE:EX = Exercise and Sport Science GE:MA = Mathematics
GE:FA = Fine Arts GE:SC = Science
GE:HL = Health GE:SO = Social Science

MAILING LISTS:  House Bill 13 of the General Assembly of North Carolina has made mandatory the following requirement concerning mailing lists:  "The reviewed, updated, and corrected mailing lists shall be comprised only of those persons and organizations who, within the previous twelve months, have either requested that they be included in such a mailing list or have renewed a request that they be so included."  Therefore, institutions, organizations, counselors, libraries, etc., desiring a copy of the catalog or bulletin must make a specific request each year.  Address the request to the Office of Undergraduate Admissions, 106 Whichard, East Carolina University, Greenville, NC  27858‑4353.

ECU Undergraduate Catalog 2000-2001
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