ECU Undergraduate Catalog 2000-2001
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A                          13                                        Austin Building

AH                         57                          Allied Health (Belk Building)

B                          17                       Biology (Howell Science Complex)

BA                         5                                       Brewster (Wing A)

BB                         5                                       Brewster (Wing B)

BC                         5                                       Brewster (Wing C)

BD                         5                                       Brewster (Wing D)

BN                         17                 Biology North (Howell Science Complex)

BS                         17                 Biology South (Howell Science Complex)

C                                                                 Clinic (not shown)

CH                         14                              Christenbury Memorial Gym

CL                         59       Developmental Evaluation Clinic (Irons Building)

EL                         71                      Eller (formerly Maritime History)

F                          34                                      Flanagan Building

GC                         28                             General Classroom Building

GR                         27                                        Graham Building

H                          Insert                                           Hospital

HE                         2          Human Environmental Sciences (Rivers Building)

J                          62                               Jenkins Fine Arts Center

L                          48                                       Library (Joyner)

LA                         48                              Library (Joyner) Basement

MB                         4                               Music Building (Fletcher)

MC                         54                                        Minges Coliseum

MS                         Insert                     Brody Medical Science Building

MT                         15                                    McGinnis Auditorium

NB                         1                               Nursing (Rivers Building)

NC                         45                                 Old Cafeteria Building

PE                         17                       Physics (Howell Science Complex)

R                          22                                          Rawl Building

RG                         19                                          Ragsdale Hall

SM                         55                        Sports Medicine Building (Ward)

SP                         12                                       Speight Building

TA                         16                            Messick Theatre Arts Center

TL                                         Industry and Technology Annex (not shown)

WA                         20                                           Wright Annex

WB                         26                                      Whichard Building

ECU Undergraduate Catalog 2000-2001
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