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Art Galleries and Exhibitions

The Leo W. Jenkins Fine Arts Center, which houses the Wellington B. Gray Art Gallery, is operated under the School of Art. The Gray Art Gallery installs temporary exhibitions of contemporary art, including national and international traveling shows and ECU faculty and student exhibitions.

There are weekly shows by School of Art majors† in the Mendenhall Student Center, Baptist Student Center, and Jenkins Fine Arts Center as well as several locations in the community.

Student organizations, such as Craftsmen East, Ceramics Guild, Printmakers Guild, Design Associates, Painting and Drawing Association, Visual Arts Forum, Art Educational Guild, and other student art groups, hold programs, sales, and exhibitions during the year.

Visiting artists and scholars in contemporary art fields present lectures, seminars, and workshops to supplement the curriculum.

School of Music Concerts

The School of Music annually mounts a vigorous concert program providing musical enrichment for the cultural life of the university community. All events are open to the public and include a faculty recital series; student recitals; a series of concerts by School of Music performance organizations, both instrumental and choral; opera workshop productions; and a series of chamber music concerts. A diversified musical repertoire provides the listener with a wide variety of music. Premiere performances of compositions by student and faculty composers are a feature of many concerts.† Visiting artists, composers, and lecturers of international stature conduct master classes for School of Music students and faculty. Frequently scheduled is the presentation of a major choral-orchestral work by the combined forces of the School of Music.

East Carolina University Poetry Forum

The East Carolina University Poetry Forum conducts an informal workshop in poetry which meets in the Mendenhall Student Center at 8:00 p.m. each first and third Thursday during the months of the academic year. The forum sponsors the visits of established poets; Robert Creely, Patricia Goedicke, William Stafford, James Dickey, Carolyn Kizer, Lucille Clifton, Fred Chappell, and Louis Simpson are among the poets who have read on the ECU campus.

S. Rudolph Alexander Performing Arts Series

The S. Rudolph Alexander Performing Arts Series of East Carolina University is the quality concert series of eastern North Carolina. Selected and presented by the S. Rudolph Alexander Performing Arts Series Committee of the Department of University Unions, this series annually presents world-acclaimed ensembles, choral groups, instrumentalists, vocalists, theatre, and dance companies in Wright Auditorium.

Popular Entertainment Committee

The Popular Entertainment Committee annually presents on campus artists from the world of jazz, folk, rhythm and blues, rock, and popular entertainment.† Funds to provide the coffeehouse programs are supplied by the Student Union.


A Student Union committee, Barefoot, develops plans and programs to be carried out for the annual, all-day celebration of spring.

Cultural Awareness

Presenting programs which emphasize minority cultures and interests is the responsibility of the Student Union Cultural Awareness Committee.† The committee annually sponsors minority films, a Jewish and International Festival, a Black Arts Festival, and handicapped awareness week programs.


Throughout the year films are presented each week on campus. The Films Committee, which is part of the Student Union, selects popular films and presents them each Thursday, Friday, and Saturday night.† The committee also selects foreign films and American classics and presents them on Wednesday evenings. Funds to provide the films are made available by the Student Union.


Budget trips to places such as New York City are made available by the Student Union.† The Travel Adventure Film and Dinner Series is also presented by the Mendenhall Student Center.


The Spectrum Committee presents programs which are of interest and high entertainment value.† Lecturers, hypnotists, mimes, and comedians are but a few of this committee's programs.

Visual Arts

The Student Union Visual Arts Committee presents major touring exhibitions and work by area artists.† The annual ILLUMINA Show, featuring works by student artists, is one of the committee's most noteworthy activities and is displayed in Mendenhall Student Centerís gallery.


Bowling, billiards , table tennis, and other tournaments are conducted in Mendenhall Student Center.† Noncredit short courses are also planned and presented.† Additional recreational opportunities are available at the Student Recreation Center through the Department of Recreational Services.

Central Ticket Office

Tickets for all concerts, entertainment, performing arts series performances, and lectures sponsored by the Student Union and the Department of University Unions are available in the Central Ticket Office, which is located in Mendenhall Student Center. By presenting his or her ID card, a student may purchase, at reduced prices, tickets for concerts and the S. Rudolph Alexander Performing Arts Series.† A student may purchase another student's tickets at the same time he or she purchases his or her own tickets by presenting the other student's ID card. Tickets for faculty, staff, and the public are available also. A student may be required to show his or her ID card, along with his or her ticket, for admission to certain activities.

East Carolina Playhouse

The East Carolina Playhouse is the producing arm of the Department of Theatre and Dance.† The Fine Arts and Performing Groups Board contributes partial funding for the playhouse to produce a musical (occasionally in conjunction with the School of Music), plays, and a dance concert. Although preference in casting is given to students, roles in the productions are open to faculty and staff members of the university and to citizens of Greenville and the surrounding area.† Freshmen are eligible to audition for productions in their first semester.† Students and others also take part in all areas of technical production.


Four twenty-four-hour automated banking machines are available:† three at Mendenhall Student Center and one across from the Student Stores.


Dowdy Student Stores, owned and operated by East Carolina University, is an auxiliary enterprise for the convenience of the university community. The Student Stores stocks books, school supplies, computers, and other tools of the educational process for the students on campus as well as those attending classes taught throughout eastern North Carolina by the Division of Continuing Education.† The Student Stores also carries an extensive line of imprinted merchandise featuring apparel, gifts, jewelry, and various accessories.† One hundred percent of net proceeds are contributed to the General Scholarship Fund.† Textbooks and other information are available through the Student Stores website at

Parking and Transportation Services
305 East Tenth Street

Regulations governing traffic, parking, registration of motor vehicles, and enforcement are set forth in the East Carolina University Traffic Ordinance, which is available at the Department of Parking and Transportation Services. All students desiring to utilize campus parking facilities must register their vehicles with Parking and Transportation Services and pay a registration fee. A student desiring to register a motor vehicle not owned by himself or herself, a spouse, a parent, or a guardian must obtain special permission from Parking and Transportation Services.

Freshmen operating vehicles on campus are required to register their vehicles with Parking and Transportation Services.† Freshmen vehicles are not permitted to park on the main campus during the week.† On Friday afternoon at 4:00 p.m., registered freshmen vehicles may park in resident areas around the residence halls.† Freshmen vehicles must be off campus by 12:00 midnight Sunday evening.† There are thirty-minute metered loading zones located at the residence halls which freshmen vehicles are permitted to utilize as long as the meter is activated.

The university's towing policy is strictly enforced.† Parking on campus is by permit only.† Unregistered vehicles parking on campus may be towed; vehicles with three or more uncleared parking tickets may be towed; and any vehicle illegally parked in a towing enforced zone may be towed.

There is no overnight visitor parking in the university residence hall areas between Sunday midnight and 4:00 p.m. Friday.† Visitors to campus must obtain a visitor's parking permit from Parking and Transportation Services, which operates from 7:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday.† After business hours, visitor permits may be obtained from the University Police Department, which operates twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.† Visitors should clear any citations with Parking and Traffic Services before leaving campus.† Students are held responsible for uncleared traffic citations traced to their family members.


Students enrolled at East Carolina University are expected to uphold at all times standards of academic integrity and personal behavior that will reflect credit upon themselves, their families, and East Carolina University. Students are also expected to behave with propriety and to respect the rights and privileges of others. They are expected to abide by the laws of the city, state, and nation and by all rules and regulations of East Carolina University. Failure to do so may result in their being sanctioned by or separated from the university.

Registration at the university implies the student's acceptance of the published academic regulations and all other rules found in any official publication or announcements.† Conduct regulations, including the academic integrity policy, are described in the Clue Book.

Academic Integrity

Academic integrity is expected of every East Carolina University student.† Academically violating the Honor Code consists of the following:† cheating, unauthorized aid or assistance or the giving or receiving of unfair advantage on any form of academic work; plagiarism, copying the language, structure, ideas, and/or thoughts of another and adopting those as one's original work; falsification, statement of untruth, either spoken or written, regarding any circumstances relating to academic work; and attempting any act which if completed would constitute an academic integrity violation as defined above. Procedures governing academic integrity violations are described in the Clue Book and in the Faculty Manual.

Policy on Substance Abuse

The East Carolina University Policy on Substance Abuse details the university's commitment to prevent substance abuse through education and counseling and its duty to discipline those members of the academic community who engage in illegal alcohol and/or drug-related activities.† (The text of this policy is set out in the appendix.)† East Carolina University, in keeping with its primary purpose of education, will utilize educational strategies as its major approach to drug use and abuse problems. Educational and counseling programs are available to all members of the academic community.

Students, faculty members, administrators, and other employees are responsible, as citizens, for knowing about and complying with the provisions of the North Carolina law that make it a crime to possess, sell, deliver, or manufacture those drugs designated collectively as "controlled substances" in Article 5 of Chapter 90 of the North Carolina General Statutes.† Any member of the university community who violates that law is subject to both prosecution and punishment by the civil authorities and to disciplinary proceedings by the university.† Penalties will be imposed by the university in accordance with procedural safeguards applicable to disciplinary actions against students, faculty members, administrators, and other employees.† These penalties to be imposed by the university may range from written warnings with probationary status to expulsions from enrollment and discharges from employment.

Student Handbook (Clue Book)

A student handbook, also referred to as the Clue Book, is available to university students via the Division of Student Life. This publication contains sections entitled Where to Go for Solutions, Academic Calendars, Exam Schedules, University Policies and Regulations, Student Government Association, Judicial System, Residence Hall Policies and Guidelines, Use of University Facilities Policy, Solicitation and Posting Policy, Racial and Ethnic Harassment Policy, Sexual Harassment Policy, and Safety and You. The Clue Book †can be viewed and downloaded at

A printed version may be obtained from any office within the Division of Student Life, particularly the Office of Student Conflict Resolution, Mendenhall Student Center Information Desk, Office of University Housing Services, Neighbor Offices, the Office of the Associate Vice Chancellor for Student Success, and the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Student Life.

Campus Safety

Information about criminal activity on the ECU campus, streets and sidewalks adjacent to campus, and in noncampus properties controlled by recognized students organizations is available at and in the publication, Campus Safety and You.† Also in this publication is information about the security of campus facilities, including residence halls; crime prevention information; information about services and counseling for victims of violence, including sexual assault and domestic violence; and the substance abuse policy.

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